Extended Birth Chart Starseed Reading for Starseed Origins


The Extended Birth Chart Reading will identify starseed origins and all previous incarnations in other star systems.  The reading will contain information regarding your soul’s galactic journey.

This Extended Birth Chart Reading will  provide information on how well your starseed karma is integrated into your Ego and provide suggestions on how to integrate it, if needed.

Please ensure that you include your birth information, including location, time and date (MM,DD,YY).  Please include your Order #.

***If you’ve previously purchased a Mini Birth Chart Reading – you will receive a $15 rebate on your purchase of an Extended Reading***

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The Extended Birth Chart Starseed Reading will describe in detail, the starseed origins and incarnations as indicated by starseed alignments or markings in your birth chart.  Each one of us carries karma or an energetic imprint from our previous incarnations that manifests in our current lives in many forms.  This starseed reading is intended to help clients reconnect with past lives and gain a deeper understanding of their incarnational history and thus themselves.

Starseeds are born with energetic imprints (or karma) on their soul that influences their current lifetime.  Karma can manifest in one’s life in several ways depending on whether or not that karma is well integrated or not.  When karma is well integrated, the Ego can accept that energetic imprint and will incorporate it into the expression of Ego.  When karma is poorly integrated, the Ego cannot accept the energetic imprint and will therefore suppress the energy and prevent it’s expression.

For example, Pleiadian energy is that of unconditional love and tends to manifest in childhood relationships with parents, personal relationships, self love and parenting styles.   If Pleiadian energy is well integrated, the person will be able to effectively express unconditional love.  If the Pleiadian karma is poorly integrated, the person is likely to love only when they are pleased with their partner and they will retract love when they are upset.

Please ensure that you remember to include your birth information, including location, time and date (MM,DD,YY) for a starseed reading.

Each starseed reading is written personally and due to increased demand ( THANK YOU so much!!!!) there is a wait time of around 3 – 4 weeks.  I’m currently experimenting with audio readings to try speed things up.