starseed origin

Starseed Origin & Starseed Incarnations

Many of you have asked how I interpret birth charts for starseed origin - I had tried to answer that ...
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Summer Solstice: Self Sacrifice and Conscious Manifestation

What is the Summer Solstice? The Summer Solstice is a sacred time of year where northern cultures celebrate the life-giving ...
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advent star

Winter Solstice: Bring Light to the Darkest Night

Celebrate the Winter Solstice with me and your ancestors!  Let's bring light to the darkest night!!!! What is the Winter ...
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zeta starseeds

Zeta Starseeds and Their Starseed Markings

Zeta Starseeds, Zeta Beings and Hybrid Children Zeta starseeds are starseeds that have previously incarnated in the star system of ...
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Sirian Alignment

How to Utilize the Sirian Energies During the Sirian Alignment

On July 3 - July 7, the Sirian Alignment will occur.  Sirius will appear to be located behind the Sun ...
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Orion Alignment

Connect with Orion During the Orion Alignment

From June 7th until June 20th the Sun and the Earth will all be in perfect alignment with Orion.  This ...
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Recognizing the synchronicities

Recognizing the Synchronicities and Developing Your Inner Compass

Recognizing the synchronicities of the universe is often the first step to discovering and mastering your internal compass.  Growing up ...
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Pleiadian Alignment

Connect with the Pleiades During the Pleiadian Alignment

In this post I will describe the Pleiadian Alignment,  I will share some practical tips for utilizing this Pleiadian Alignment ...
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Arcturian alignment

Connect With Arcturus During the Arcturian Alignment

The Arcturian Alignment occurs when the Earth, the Sun and Arcturus are in perfect alignment.  The Arcturian Alignment happens twice ...
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et spirit guides

How To Connect With Your ET Spirit Guides

I've been asked many, many times to describe a good method for connecting with your ET spirit guides and I ...
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