Smudging with Sage

Smudging with sage is the practice of burning sage and using the smoke as an energetic cleanser.  Smudging with sage has been used for thousands of years by many cultures as a method of transmuting negativity, cleansing both the physical and energetic body and bringing balance to the energies flowing around you and through you.  The smoke has a beautiful, calming scent and has been shown to have antibacterial properties.  In North America there are two widely used forms of sage: White Sage (Salvia apiana) and Prairie Sage (Artemisia frigida).

When negative emotions take over, smudging with sage will help release them.  Sage is one of many plants that can be used to release resistance.  For example, if you are nervous for an upcoming job interview and you feel that you ‘absolutely MUST get this job’ – you are actually in resistance to getting the job.  Smudging with sage will allow you to release that feeling of need and help open you up to receive what you desire.  Just remember that clinging to one possible outcome will only work against you.  Allow yourself to be open to all possibilities because the universe may have an even better opportunity available to you, one that you aren’t even aware of.  Smudging with sage to release resistance is an effective method of utilizing the law of attraction to create the life you want and releasing emotions and thoughts that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

Sage is a high vibration plant that works optimally if that vibration was maintained in tact by the time it reaches your possession.  For this reason, many Native Americans will wild harvest their sage using traditional methods and rituals as opposed to buying it from a nursery or specialty shop.  However, buying the sage from a shop or nursery is better than not have any at all!  If you choose to buy it, consider a live version to plant in your yard.

Note: I use prairie sage as it grows wild in the area and wild harvested herbs almost always have  clear energy.  *If you plan on harvesting anything from the wild, please remember that your relationship with the earth should be reciprocal – leave an offering.  Offerings can be traditional offerings like tobacco or you could leave something that will decompose into helpful fertilizers.*

Sage can be picked from the wild in the southwestern and midwestern North America or bought from herbal, occult/witchcraft, new age or Native American shops.  You can find sage in bundles wrapped in thread, or in loose leaf form.  Sage should not be stored in plastic but should be wrapped in cotton cloth and stored in a wooden box however a glass jar or paper bag is better than plastic.  Sage can be burned in an alabone shell or in a glass, metal or wooden bowl.  If you choose to use the loose leaf form, you can burn the sage using a charcoal disk.  When burning sage, I was taught to always use a natural flame like a candle or even matches.  You don’t want the sage to be on fire, but smoldering so that a thick smoke is rising.

When you have started to burn your sage and you have a thick stream of smoke rising – 20160523_162122you are ready to start smudging with sage.  In Native American tradition, sage is considered to be a medicine that embodies the divine feminine and is used to cleanse the spirit.  Native Americans will typically bathe themselves in the smoke, using their hands to wash the smoke over their faces, heads, through their hearts, and down over their legs and feet.  This practice is thought to bring balance and transmute negativity, getting rid of anxious feelings and negative entities.  Sage is considered to be a medicine that embodies the divine feminine and as such is excellent at cleansing the spirit, balancing emotions and basically hitting the energetic ‘reset’ button.  Smudging with sage is especially helpful for women during their moon time.  Sage can be used to smudge your sacred areas and tools, recharge crystals, rid yourself of negative entities and can be used in rituals for protection and cleansing.  In everyday use, smudging with sage can be used to attract positivity, repel negativity and balance energies.

Sage can be used to smudge your home, car and of course, yourself!

Personal Smudging Ritual

  1. Sit on the floor in a clean, comfortable space with your sage, alabone shell and source of flame.
  2. Set your intention.  ex “my intention is to clear my home of negativity” or “my intention is to feel more grounded and balanced”
  3. Burn your sage so that it is smoldering and releasing a stream of white smoke.
  4. Introduce yourself and express your gratitude for everything you have.
  5. Focus on your intention.
  6. Use your hands to bring the smoke to your face, neck and chest.  Use your hands to bring smoke over your head and back over your shoulders.  Bring smoke to cover your torso, stomach and legs.  Ensure that all you chakras have been bathed in smoke.
  7. Allow sage to burn out on its own.

Home Smudging Ritual

  1. Set your intention.
  2. Burn your sage so that it is smoldering and releasing a stream of white smoke.
  3. Introduce yourself and express your gratitude for everything you have.
  4. Focus on your intention.
  5. Carry the sage bundle or loose sage and shell into every room in your house moving in a clockwise fashion.
  6. When entering a room, state intention and carry smudge to each corner of the room moving in a clockwise fashion.  Allow the smoke to rise up and fill each upper corner of the room.  Pay special attention to dark corners.
  7. Repeat for each room.
  8. When each room has been smudged, allow the sage to burn out on its own.


Growing up as a Native American, smudging with sage has been a part of my regular routine for as long as I can remember.  Sage is a beautiful, powerful plant and I believe that anyone can benefit from the healing, protective vibrations that sage provides. 

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Orion Starseed Traits

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The Orion constellation is located in Gemini and is home to several different types of beings, all with similar overall characteristics.  Like other races of beings, they have agreed to help Earth in our spiritual evolution by seeding Orions into human bodies on Earth (Orion starseeds) and by acting as spiritual guides to individual people on Earth.

Orion starseeds tend to have the following traits:f19ebe24b167c0e20aa5c8f9b84cd51a

  • a insatiable thirst for knowledge
  • analyize and dissect all forms of information
  • hold opinions very strongly and do not change their opinions easily
  • need quantitative proof to accept opposing viewpoints
  • quite knowledgeable about a wide area of topics
  • react to emotions in a logical manner
  • require alone time to recharge
  • strive for perfection
  • have a good handle on will power and self discipline
  • enjoy competition

While places like the Pleiades and Arcturus operate from a place of unity, Orion operates from a place of duality.  While they are very enlightened beings, their duality allows Orions to operate with a bit of Ego, and enjoy the competition of sports and strive for perfection in a skill.  In contrast, a Pleiadian would likely not want to keep score and accept that wherever you are in the development of a skill, is exactly where you should be.  Orion starseeds understand their duality and they have learned to rather enjoy it.  However, Orions may come off a little self centered or cold as they have a slightly weaker emotional body.  They operate with a bit more divine masculine energy and may forget to consider one’s emotions when delivering a message or a teaching.

Orion Starseed Karma Integration

Orions embody the frequency of energy typically associated with the solar plexus chakra.  The golden yellow colour associated with the solar plexus also seems to radiate from Orion beings.  Orion spirit guides are excellent at teaching people to master their will power to operate at their highest potential.  Self improvement is essentially a competitive sport for Orion starseeds with very well integrated karma.  Orion starseeds with well integrated karma will be able to create physical abundance and consciously manifest their intentions.

Orion starseeds with poorly integrated karma are likely to feel like life is happening to them (as opposed to them being the creators of their life).  Poorly integrated Orion karma is likely to result in difficulties with physical abundance and conscious creation.  They are likely to be pessimistic and unable to accept responsibility.

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Arcturian Starseeds: Common Traits and Characteristics

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Arcturian starseeds tend to have a few traits in common with actual Arcturian beings even though they are incarnated on Earth.

Arcturus is a star located in the Bootes constellation.  It is considered to be a very old star system.  As such, the race of beings from this star system, the Arcturians are also considered to be quite old.  The Arcturians embody wisdom, knowledge and teaching. They enjoy passing on their information and lessons.

Are you an Arcturian Starseed?

Arcturian starseeds have had recent incarnations in worlds associated with the star Arcturus and often share many traits and skills of Arcturians.  The following traits are often attributed to Arcturian starseeds:
  • feel like the ‘black sheep’ in their familybootes
  • drawn to the night sky, astronomy and aliens
  • they don’t understand social hierarchy
  • tend to have lower blood pressure, lower body temperature
  • drawn to the paranormal and metaphysics
  • drawn to sacred geometry, ley lines, ancient civilizations
  • drawn to fundamental sciences, like quantum physics
  • hold their opinions strongly
  • good at planning, organizing and building
  • interested in advanced technology, science and mathematics
  • may be interested in building, designing and planning the future on Earth – maybe through sustainable energy, developing new community living models etc.
  • may see colourful geometric patterns when they close their eyes
  • may have synesthesia
  • may be gifted musicians, mathmaticians or scientists
  • strong memories
  • extremely empathic
  • very sensitive to sounds, lights, smells, chemicals, etc.
  • like to ask deep, philosophical questions

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Traits of Arcturian Beings

Beings from Arcturus are focused on ushering in the “new future” on Earth in relation to technology, community living that is focused on balance and sustainability.  They have agreed to help Earth by acting as spirit guides and by incarnating on to Earth as starseeds.  Spirit guides operate on a spiritual level, connecting with many individuals on Earth.  Arcturian Starseeds operate on a physical level and are often acting as teachers.  However, Arcturian starseeds are also very active physically in their purpose here on Earth – working in science, research, architecture, city planning etc.

Arcturian beings tend to communicate with people telepathically or claircognizantly.  They like to transmit information in colours, geometric patterns and even sounds.  The frequencies of these colours, shapes and sounds may hold information, lessons related to the structure of our universe and the laws that govern it.

Arcturians tend to embody the frequency of energies associated with the Throat Chakra.  They are heavy into the communication and transmission of information.  Beings from Arcturus are also big on helping individuals align with their true selves and find their true voice and spread the truth of the universe.  Arcturian beings like to use their vast foundational knowledge and apply it for use in physical applications.  So they will use their knowledge of sacred geometry, mathematics to design communities and homes.  They will also develop new sources of energy or new methods of harnessing energy.  There is a theme of taking divine knowledge from the spiritual world and using it to manifest divine technology into the physical world.

Arcturian Starseeds are Earthly embodiments of Arcturian beings

Arcturian Starseeds are born with varying degrees of well-integrated Arcturian energy (or karma).  Some starseeds have very poorly integrated Arcturian karma or very well integrated Arcturian energy.  When karma or energy is well integrated, that means that the Ego accepts the energy and allows it’s authentic expression without shame or guilt.  If karma is poorly integrated, the Ego will not accept the energy and will feel shame and guilt if that energy is expressed.  For example, if someone secretly loves cosplay but cannot bear to participate in cosplay because the fear the social rejection of friends – they have poorly integrated energy in relation to cosplay.  It works the same way with Arcturian themes of harmonious, balanced social connections.

Traits of Arcturian Starseeds with Poorly Integrated Arcturian Karma:

  • Arcturian starseeds with poorly integrated Arcturian energy typically feel very alone and disconnected from the rest of the collective consciousness.  They will feel like there is an intellectual or communication disconnect that is preventing them from making connections with other people.
  • They will have a very difficult time connecting to the collective consciousness, meaning they aren’t very intuitive or empathic.
  • They support capitalism, even when it destroys poor communities and the environment.

Traits of Arcturian Starseeds with Well Integrated Arcturian Karma:

  • Starseeds with very well integrated Arcturian energy are likely to be very empathic and connected to the collective consciousness.  This will give them a strong intuition, they will likely be able to ‘feel’ another person’s emotions.
  • They are likely to feel connected to the collective consciousness and to other people.  They will feel like they can collect with other people in a meaningful way.
  • They support industries that support fair trade, renewable energy and a sustainable footprint.

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