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The Process of Manifestation

Consciously manifesting desires into the physical reality is the goal of many people.  To become the conscious creators of our reality would really set anyone free.  Yet, despite the interest, a huge number of people struggle with manifestation.  I believe that the best way to learn how to consciously manifest your desires, is to understand how our physical reality actually works.

Quantum physics is the study of the physical laws that govern the tiniest building blocks of our reality.  Quantum physics studies atoms (building blocks of physical matter), subatomic particles and photons (tiniest unit of electromagnetic radiation, including light).  The following are some important points regarding quantum physics and the very nature of our reality that you need to know for conscious manifestation:

  1. ALL atoms (building blocks of physical matter) and all photons (tiniest unit of electromagnetic energy) act as BOTH tiny physical particles AND waves of energy
  2. Atoms behave as a wave of energy when not being observed but behave as particles when they are observed, as demonstrated by the Double Slit Experiment
  3. When atoms are not being observed, they exist as a wave of energy with many potential locations in space and when they are observed, the wave of energy collapses into one particle at one of the potential locations

So read #2 again – crazy right?!  When nobody is observing physical matter, it behaves as a wave of energy.  I guess, when no one is looking the proverbial tree in the forest doesn’t even exist much less make a sound.  This characteristic of our reality explains why we do not just instantly manifest our desires, because we are all co-creators of this physical world just by observing it.  And this my friends, is how the Source energy created our physical world!  At first it existed as a single point (creation of the 1st dimension) and then it had it’s first conscious thought, “what am I?”, so it split in two (creation of the 2nd dimension) so it could observe itself (creation of the 3rd dimension and the physical).  Observing causes waves of energy to condense down into physical matter.  So how do we control what the waves of energy condense down into?!

Now, that we understand that all physical matter is essentially a wave of energy that has been observed, we can move onto the manifestation process.  We should also understand that our thoughts also exist as energy waves because when the electrical impulses in the brain fire, they emit a small electromagnetic field.  Therefore, all physical matter and all thoughts are waves of energy and as such, both have a frequency – this called its innate frequency.  This frequency can be tuned to other frequencies, disrupted by out of phase frequencies or amplified by in phase frequencies.  What do I mean by “in phase” and “out of phase” frequencies?


In phase frequencies are frequencies that constructively interfere with one another, causing an amplification in the strength of the resulting energy wave.

Out of phase frequencies are frequencies that destructively interfere with one another, resulting in a decrease in the magnitude of the resulting energy wave.

Everything in our reality is made up of energy waves and the waves are characterized by wavelength, frequency and amplitude.  Amplitude is essentially the strength or magnitude of the wave of energy.  In a world where we are all co-creators of our reality, other people’s perceptions and thoughts may destructively interfere with our thoughts.  If a wave has a large enough amplitude, it is capable of destructively interfering with other waves but will not be completely cancelled out.  This is how the Law of Attraction works!

The easiest way to consciously manifest our desires is to think the same affirming thoughts (with the same intention) over and over and over again.  By doing this, the thought wave constructively interferes with the other “in phase” thought waves (if you think the same thoughts, they will be in phase) to create a thought wave with a much larger amplitude.  This thought wave will then be able to withstand the destructive interference and manifest into the physical.

More complex methods of manifestation often include ritual or ceremony to harness natural energies and direct the energies into a conscious intention that will be dense enough to start manifesting into the physical.  Conscious manifestation rituals do not have to be complex by any means and are easily integrated into your daily life.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to understand that your physical labour can be used as a powerful manifestation tool if you direct your physical energy exerted into your conscious intention.  For example, when I’m cleaning my home I focus on cleaning the physical and spiritual dirt.  I focus on why I clean – because I love my family – I want them to be comfortable and healthy.  I focus on directing the physical energy that I am exerting while cleaning into creating a thought form of “comfortable, healthy home”.

Now let’s say that I held an intention of “ew this house is dirty!” while cleaning?  What do you suppose I would attract into my home?  That’s right – more dirt!  It is very, very important to monitor your thoughts and intentions while doing physical work.  This is why is it important to find a job you love because if you don’t, it’s harder to manifest the life you want when you spend most of your energy doing something you hate.

Consciously creating the life you want is all about being conscious of where you are directing your energy.  We are all creators here.

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I hope this helps you to create the life you were always meant to live!

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