Andromeda,  Starseed Origins Guide

Andromedan Starseed Traits

The Andromeda Galaxy is the nearest galaxy to our galaxy, The Milky Way and is located in the constellation of Andromeda.  The Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy are currently moving towards one another and are expected to collide in approximately 4 billion years.  The Andromeda Galaxy can be found in the night sky by looking for the Vertex star in the Andromeda constellation.

The Andromedan Lineup, where the Earth and the Sun align with the Andromeda Galaxy  occurs on April 16-18.  Many Andromedan starseeds seeking spiritual expansion may find it helpful to meditate or do other forms of spiritual work on these days.

Starseeds that have incarnated from the Andromeda Galaxy tend to share some of the following characteristics:

  • they LOVE freedom and may go to great lengths to maintain their freedom
  • they love to travel and some will choose to be purposely nomadic lifestyle, travelling by foot, bike, boat or air
  •  they may be inclined to travel or roam as a method of spiritual expansion
  • they don’t like making commitments or feeling obligated to do something
  • they don’t like time and may late
  • they are very protective of their emotional boundaries
  • they can spot emotional manipulation and do not put up with guilt trips
  • they really dislike when they are treated unfairly
  • they need freedom in the expression of their true self
  • of all the starseeds, they have the hardest time understanding why humans have to pay to live on a planet they were born on
  • due to their forever expanding, freedom-loving nature Andromedan starseeds are a strong driving force behind social evolution and revolution.

Andromedans are often labelled as flaky or unreliable because they have a really hard time adjusting to life in Western societies where time is heavily monitored.  Andromedans don’t like to be monitored in any way and they may have a hard time with the relative lack of privacy we all currently experience on Earth.  When an Andromedan starseed feels like they have no control over their lives, there is a tendency to run away to maintain autonomy.  When Andromedan starseeds feel like their parents are too controlling, it may result in estrangement or if they feel too controlled by the government or society, they may choose to live off-grid.

Andromedan starseeds tend to work in areas that center on empowering and giving control back to individuals.  They work in promoting food security, alternative and sustainable building, off-grid living, alternative energy sources, creative freelancing, artists, teachers, spiritualists and other occupations working to give freedom back to humanity.   They may also engage in activism for social change, privacy and against imperialism, classism, racism and colonialism.

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  • Lord Win Will

    I believe I am from Andromeda. My name from Andromeda is Lord Win Will. I long to be home but I know I have an assignment here on earth. I have recently found out I am on my 13th journey or assignment. Being in a human body and time feels like a straight jacket..very restricted however at same time compassion for humans does get overwhelming and to see the wars and destruction is painful to watch. As Andromedan the fighting hurts to see and witness at times wanting to cry then there is those of religious nature i pray they the humans can allow their eyes and ears to hear the real truth there are those from other races that have for most part come on voluntarily to earth to help. GOD IS GREAT THE DIVINE CREATOR…We have a mission to help not to say I am from out there look at me. We love to manifest God’s great love for humans. This in Kind was what Jesus Christ of NAZARETH Did…His greatest assignment is to demonstrate God’s great love for ALL HUMAN’S.

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