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Conscious Manifestation 101

Conscious manifestation is the practice of consciously creating the future.  We are all co-creators of this reality and we can all consciously create what we desire.  The first step is deciding to take control and accept responsibility.

The Law of Attraction works – it is just misused!  It is true that you attract whatever outcomes occur in your life by directing your energy towards that outcome but merely thinking about something isn’t going to get you what you want in life.  However, it will help!

In this post I’m going to give you some practical tips that will help you to consciously manifest the life that you are meant to live.  For each step, you want to use visualization to help with the manifestation process.  Understanding the mechanics of manifestation is important in helping with visualization.  Please read my post on The Manifestation Process to build your understanding of physical manifestation.

1. Consciously State Your Intentions

When beginning the process of conscious manifestation, stating your intention is the most important step because you are planting the seeds of physical manifestation.  The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that your emotions match that of your intention.  It often takes some energetic preparation to ensure that your soul is vibrating at the same frequency as your intention.  Setting monthly intentions is best done during the New Moon.

2. Compound The Energy

So now that you have set your intention, it is time to build up the energy of your intention.  You can do this by seeking the assistance of natural energetic ‘teachers’ like crystals and plants or by using colours and sounds.  Each crystal, plant, colour and tone has a frequency and we can use these frequencies to compound amplitudes or ‘amp up’.  This results in an intention with stronger energies behind it

3.  Work With Natural Energy Cycles

Work with natural energy cycles to integrate the frequency of your intention into the energetic matrix and begin manifest in the physical, 3D reality.  One of the most important natural energy cycles on Earth is the monthly lunar cycle.  The lunar cycle has four main phases: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon.  New Moon is the time to set intentions.  Waxing Moon is the time in which you do the physical work required to physically manifest your intention.  Full Moon is when you help integrate the frequencies of your intention into the physical reality.  Waning Moon  is when you give gratitude for everything that you’ve manifested thus far.

4.  Do The Work

This where you contribute physical energy to your intention.  The idea here is to focus all your exerted physical energy into the manifestation of your intention.  You could visualize your physical energy flowing into your intention.  Visualize your intention getting heavier from all the increased physically exerted energy, so heavy it’s just about ready to fall from the spiritual, thought realm and into the physical reality.  It is important to hold positive emotions while you are directly your exerted physical energy into your intention.

So for example, if your intention was to attract positivity into your life, you may decide to declutter and clean your space to get rid of all the old energies.  You will physically clean but you will also direct the physical energy exerted in scrubbing and hauling junk, into your intention of attracting positivity.  This step is best done during the Waxing Moon phase.

This step is of utmost importance!  Conscious manifestation is a process that works mostly with the energies of the divine feminine.  This step is where we integrate the divine masculine energy – physical work.  Integrating the energies of physical work into your intention will help greatly in the integration of the intention into the physical reality.  Physical work sets up the physical framework required for your intention to physically manifest.

5.  Be Grateful

Being grateful and saying thank you is a way of returning energies that were contributed to your intention to Source.  It prevents stagnant energy and enhances energetic flow.  It also helps to correct your intentions.  So every time you start to feel your emotions going off course, just remind yourself of what you are grateful for.   This step is best done during the Waning Moon phase.

If you get yourself on a monthly manifestation schedule, you will be best suited for conscious manifestation because it will help you balance the divine masculine and feminine energies in your life.


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