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Waxing Moon Intentions: The Growth Phase of Conscious Manifestation

This article, Waxing Moon Intentions: The Growth Phase of Conscious Manifestation, is the second in my series about Lunar Manifestation.  The first article in this series was New Moon Intentions: The Seeds of Conscious Manifestation.

The Waxing Moon is the phase when the moon appears to grow larger in the sky – this occurs between the New Moon and the Full Moon.  This is a period of growth.  This is the time where you take the intention you set at the New Moon and add ‘in-phase’ energy to it (think about your intention as an affirmation).  You want to visualize your thought forms as waves of energy that are constructively interfering with your intention.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to – please read the Process of Manifestation.

My favourite method of harnessing energy and directing it towards my intention is harnessing the physical energy that I exert through physical labour.  Let’s say for example that you are cleaning your house under the waxing moon and as you are scrubbing and sweating away, you decide to think about your intention and how you’re going to receive it in the physical realm.  This will help your intention gain density and it will begin condensing down from the spiritual realms into the physical realm.  Thinking about your intention while you work will actually contribute very dense (heavy) physical energy to your intention, thus catalyzing the manifestation process.

A lot of people tend to overlook the importance of physical labour in manifestation using the Law of Attraction, but it plays an important role because it offers the physical element required to give structure to the spiritual workings that is conscious manifestation.   Our intentions and thought forms exist in the spiritual realms (5D and 4D) and they begin to create vortices that drop down from the spiritual realms towards the physical realm.  When we direct our physical energy exerted towards our intention, we are actually creating a vortex from the physical realms towards the spiritual realms.  Doing this enables the two vortices to connect and create an energetic conduit through which our intention can manifest.

There are countless ways in which to harness your physical energy exerted and direct it towards your intention however, they all follow these general steps:

  1. Choose a physical activity.  You may choose yoga, running, baking bread, scrubbing the floor or anything where you are going to be working up a sweat without having to focus too much on what your are doing.
  2. Choose your intention and visualize yourself living your intention in the spiritual realm.  While you are physically working, visualize your intention and really allow yourself to feel what it would be like to be living your intention.  Visualize your intentions as creating an energy vortex from the spirit realm down to the physical realm.
  3. Visualize your energy body.  When you are doing physical labour, you are emitting many forms of energy including, heat (infrared), physical force and vibrational energy.  Our energy bodies emit these energies and they will dissipate into the surrounding environment.  For the purposes of conscious manifestation, manifestation vortexvisualize the emitted energy swirling and creating a vortex between the physical realm up towards the spiritual realms.
  4. Visualize that the two vortices have connected to create a conduit between the spirit and physical realms.  With each physical exertion, visualize the intention falling closer towards you through the conduit, leaving the spiritual realm and entering into the physical.

If your intention can be reached by doing physical labour (like building a house to create abundance, or gardening to manifest health etc.) this exercise will work doubly well!  So get creative and try find a physical activity that can help bring your intention into the physical.



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