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Procyon Starseeds

I have felt the need to write about Procyon for a few weeks now due to a large influx of Procyon starseeds contacting me but I have been too distracted to take the time to do so.  However, the perfect time has finally presented itself and I have some time to write a post and do a few more free readings!

Procyon is a white-yellow-ish star in the Canis Minor constellation and is the 7th brightest star in the sky. Procyon is actually a binary star system that consists of the larger Procyon A and the white dwarf Procyon B.  Procyon B orbits Procyon A every 41 years.

Several years ago, I had a lucid dream where I was visiting a crystal city on a strange planet with two suns.  One sun was large (a big than ours) and the other was a small almost star-like sun.  During certain times of the year, the small sun would go behind the larger sun, emerging two months later on the other side of the larger sun.  The two suns would separate and move apart to a certain degree and then move back across the sky towards each other until they met again.

The beings I met in this city were about the same height as humans, they had large eyes with large dark irises, they had light sandy coloured hair and bronzed skin.  These beings are the Procyonians.  The Procyonians told me of an underclass of  lower dimensional beings that also lived on the planet.  The crystal city provided some sort of protection from the lower dimensional beings.

It would be a few years after that dream until I could identify who the Procyonians were.  I have been informed that the Procyonians have been activating their starseeds and that I should expect a continued wave of connections with Procyon starseeds.  Apparently, there are a lot of Procyon starseeds that know where they are from but are looking for validation and I hope that this post will help them with that.

Procyon starseeds are here on Earth with a purpose that is more centered on ascension through physical work rather than through spiritual work.  Procyon starseeds will bring in new forms of technology and social reform that will catalyze the ascension of the physical world.  Other starseeds tend to bring change in forms of spiritual revolution, spiritual teachings, healing, breakdown of previous beliefs etc. but Procyon starseeds will change the way we farm, the way we create goods and the way we create energy.  Procyon starseeds will play an important role in revolutionary technology like time and space travel.

Procyon starseeds may have the following characteristics or traits in common:

  • Skin tans very well unless there was painful past life in Procyon, then skin may not tan at all
  • dreams of a futuristic world
  • tenacious
  • does not easily change their mind
  • analytical
  • has an interest in technology
  • mechanically inclined
  • excellent at visualizing complex and abstract ideas
  • likes to problem solve
  • has a strong work ethic
  • may have a hard time taking a break from a task when they are “on a roll”

I hope this post helps Procyon starseeds on their spiritual journey!

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