Recognizing the Synchronicities and Developing Your Inner Compass

Recognizing the synchronicities of the universe is often the first step to discovering and mastering your internal compass.  Growing up Native American I was taught to look for signs or messages and to pay attention to dreams and intuitions.  As a young child I was already recognizing the synchronicities of the universe to find direction and meaning in my life.  Some people may know this practice as a Vision Quest.  


A Vision Quest is essentially when someone enters the wilderness in isolation, in order to gain insight regarding their purpose in this lifetime.  Entering the wilderness in isolation is an important aspect because it decreases the effect of co-creation.  When a person is isolated they alone, are creating their immediate environment.  This allows for their immediate environment to respond only to their energies.  The environment will be free to produce synchronicities that reflect on the individual.  When the individual recognizes these synchronicities as messages, the messages can provide the guidance the individual was seeking in first place.  

In isolation free from co-creation, the environment will be free to produce synchronicities that reflect on the individual.


Recognizing the synchronicities


This practice is not only for youth and it doesn’t occur just once in a lifetime.  The first Vision Quest is a big event because it’s when we learn to use synchronicities as an internal compass but afterwards, they can become a daily occurrence.  

Native Americans believe that certain animals are messengers from the Creator and when one of these animals is witnessed during a Vision Quest, it means they have an important message.  The individual will observe the message and then interpret it.  Messages can come from elemental spirits, our ancestors or our spirit guides.  Interpreting the message requires the use of one’s intuition and so it is necessary that one learns how to discern their Ego from their intuition.  This is often the tricky part.  Many people believe that only certain gifted people are psychics or intuitives but this is not true – everyone is an intuitive.  Most of us have learned to question or even completely disregard our intuition.  It is understood in Native American culture, that everyone possesses valuable intuitive gifts.  

Everyone possess valuable intuitive gifts


The practice of recognizing the synchronicities and interpreting the message gets easier with practice.  The benefit of a Vision Quest is that you can learn the difference between your intuition and your Ego relatively quickly.  During a Vision Quest it is customary that the individual has been fasting for several days and thus the Ego is mostly dissolved in this state.  Other methods may be use to dissolve the Ego such as trance (as done in the Sun Dance), the use of entheogens, meditative practice, etc.  Despite all these methods, I found the best way to recognize one’s intuition is, to use it.

Messages can come from elemental spirits, our ancestors or our spirit guides.


When we are trying to interpret a synchronicity, we should look for any significant features that symbolize something in your life and then try to relate your observation to your current situation.  For example, whenever I see a hummingbird I pay attention to it because to me, it symbolizes my grandmother whose spirit name was ‘Hummingbird’.  The hummingbird may flit about playfully as if to say “Hi! I love you!” or fly back and forth dramatically as if it is trying to desperately get my attention.  These things mean something!  By examining my current state of mind, my thoughts at that moment or the current state of my life, the message can be received and then interpreted.  Another example is the bald eagle – indigenous people believe that the bald eagle is the messenger of the Creator.  If we see a bald eagle soaring free in sky, that is likely a positive sign however, if you see a bald eagle eating garbage, that might be a sign that you need to take care of your health.


native american synchronicity


Recognizing the synchronicities and using your intuition to interpret them can be done by anyone, anywhere.   It can be harder to learn how to do this when you are in a co-creating state (ie near other people) but you are in no way at a disadvantage.  People that learn to recognize synchronicities in a traditional Vision Quest, will still have to learn how to do so in everyday type of situations with other people present.  


Once we learn to recognize the synchronicities and trust our intuition, Vision Quests can be performed in the middle of a busy city with thousands of people around you with little effort.  In fact, to people outside of the Native American culture, these daily mini-quests would look a lot like meditating (with the exception that Natives tend to leave an offering and/or have a smudge).  

The following exercise is intended for those wishing to learn more about recognizing the synchronicities in your daily life.  If you are interested in learning how to recognize the synchronicities and interpret the messages, you can practice using this exercise:

1.  Find a quiet spot. Outdoors is preferred but not necessary.  Sit comfortably and give thanks to everything you see around.  Be grateful for its presence.  Breathe deeply.  Focus on the beauty around you.  Enjoy the colours, the sounds of the environment, the smells and the textures.  


2.  Do not EXPECT anything.  Go into this exercise with absolutely no expectations.  If nothing happens, that’s okay.  Just keep practicing.   


3.  Set your intention. In gratitude, offer traditional tobacco to the Earth if you wish.  You may also burn the tobacco or a smudge stick.  


4.  Sit in silence, focus your thoughts on your surroundings and allow your mind to wander between those thoughts.  Keep your mind focused on the environment around you but keep your wandering thoughts on the environment surrounding you.  Think about the colour of the sky, the smell of the breeze or the cool dirt on your feet.  


5.  Recognizing the synchronicities.  When a sign arises, identify it and then mentally analyse what you saw.  It may take a few days to fully understand the message.  If nothing stands out to you as synchronous, try again the following day.

Being open to recognizing the synchronicities, receiving the message and having the self awareness to interpret them will help you find your own internal compass.  Recognizing the synchronicities is the first step, the second step is learning to trust your intuition enough to interpret the message.

Connect with the Pleiades During the Pleiadian Alignment

In this post I will describe the Pleiadian Alignment,  I will share some practical tips for utilizing this Pleiadian Alignment for your own spiritual advancement and then I will describe my own experience with the Pleiadian Alignment and how it created this website!

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zodiac compass3border

The Pleiadian Alignment occurs when the Earth and the Sun are in perfect alignment with the Pleiades.  This alignment occurs twice a year: on May 15 – May 23 and again on November 15-23.  The May Alignment is when the Pleiades is conjunct with the Sun.

Conjunct Pleiades
May 17 -May 23 Pleiadian Alignment


The November Alignment occurs when the Pleiades is opposite the Sun.

November 17 -23 Pleiadian Alignment

How to Utilize the Pleiadian Energies During the Pleiadian Alignment

During the Pleiadian Alignment, the Pleiadian energies are felt very strongly on Earth as they are compounded with the energies of the Sun.  During this time, we are literally inundated with Pleiadian energy.

Pleiadian starseeds may enjoy spiritual downloads, upgrades and other forms of communication with the Pleiades at this time.

The Pleiadian Alignment in May is analagous to the New Moon

During the direct or conjunct Pleiadian alignment that occurs in May, starseeds that wish to receive these Pleiadian energies are recommended to meditate outside with the Sun beating down on their Crown or Third Eye Chakras.  Starseeds may also charge water, crystals and other items in the sunlight to charge these objects with Pleiadian energy.

Look for the following Pleiadian starseed alignments in your birth chart:

  • 24 – 29 Degrees Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn
  • 0-3 Degrees Gemini, Aquarius and Leo

These alignments indicate previous Pleiadian incarnations but also well integrated Pleiadian karma.  Pleiadian starseeds with well integrated karma will especially benefit during this time if they are wishing to connect with the Pleiades.  Read more about Pleiadian karma integration here. 

The Pleiadian Alignment from November 15-23 is analagous to the Full Moon

Try using this alignment to manifest your Pleiadian intentions that were set in May.

If you are utilizing the Pleiadian Alignment in November, a night time meditation is suggested so that you are under the starlight of the Pleiades.  At this time in November, the Pleiades is visible pretty much all night in the northern hemisphere!

To find the Pleiades at night in the northern hemisphere look to the southeastern horizon shortly after dusk.

The Pleiades will rise on the southeastern horizon and move westward across the sky all night then, setting before dawn.  Depending on your latitude, the Pleiades may rise to the highest point in the sky.

Source: WikiHow

You can find the Pleiades by first locating Orion’s belt and then Aldebaran, draw an imaginary line from the two and continue it beyond Aldebaran until you come to a cluster of stars – that’s the Pleiades.

Pleiadian starseeds with poorly integrated Pleiadian karma will have the following starseed alignments in their birth chart:

  • 24-29 Degrees Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo
  • 0-3 Degrees Sagitarrius

Pleiadian starseeds with these alignments will especially benefit during the November Pleiadian Alignment.  Any difficult Pleiadian karma will be a lot easier to integrate at this time.

My Experience with the Pleiadian Alignment

The Pleiadian Alignment is an extremely important time for me as it has always been a time of spiritual rejuvenation but it’s also when I was born!  Last year’s Pleiadian Alignment was an especially important time for me because it was when I “re-discovered” the relationship between the astrological alignments at one’s birth and one’s incarnational history.  It was also when I created this website!

The Pleiades is a very significant constellation in Native American culture, as many tribes (including my own – the Ojibwe) believe that Star People have incarnated on Earth from the Pleiades.  It’s not surprising that as a small child, a Medicineman (or shaman) gave me my spirit name “Medicine Star Woman”.  It was believed that my soul came from the stars – specifically the Pleiades.

In 2016, I was called to meditate A LOT leading up to the Pleiadian alignment.  On my birthday, May 17th I was called outside to meditate in the sun with the light beating down my face.  What followed was a huge download of information that took me several days to completely understand.  I received several angles and numbers that I didn’t know the significance of, so I did a lot of research into the Pleiades and my culture in hopes that something would begin to click.  And then on the 19th – it clicked!

I came across a diagram of a medicine wheel that displayed the exact angles between certain features.  I then found that these medicine wheels aligned with certain stars at certain times of the year.  Very interesting!  So I had to go check out some of these medicine wheels in person.

Bannock Point Petroforms

I got into my car and drove to a place called Seven Sister Falls and then from there I went 15 km upstream to a sacred place called Bannock Point.  Bannock Point is sacred to Ojibwe because of the petroforms, the vortex and the longstanding cultural significance of the place.  Anyways, I arrived at Bannock Point and quietly walked through the petroforms.  I found a nice place to sit and meditate.  Then my download from May 17th fully integrated with my conscious mind.  All of sudden it became apparent that the sacred angles and numbers I was given, were to be applied to astrology.  Much like western astrology uses conjunct, opposite, trine , sextile – Native Americans also used sacred angles to interpret astrological alignments.

Source: William Dayholos. The sacred angles of the medicine wheel.

At this point, I started to research the sacred angles, astrological natal birth charts and constellations.  This is when I came Lavander’s Starseed Hotline website.  I found that she had used very similar sacred angles (within 5 degrees of my own) to determine the Pleiadian Starseed alignments.  I tried the same with with my sacred angles and came up with starseed alignments almost identical to hers (with the exception of 0 degrees Gemini which I believe identifies Alcyone).

ANYWAYS – I continued with each star system until I had a theoretical list of starseed alignments, which I then tested and refined on hundreds of starseed birth charts.

Check out the Starseed Alignments in your birth chart for Pleiadian Starseeds

I’m excited to see what this year’s Pleiadian Alignment will teach me!  Please comment and let me know how you were able to use this huge influx of Pleiadian energies.

Much love,