How to Utilize the Sirian Energies During the Sirian Alignment

On July 3 – July 7, the Sirian Alignment will occur.  Sirius will appear to be located behind the Sun and will therefore appear to rise and set in conjunction with the Sun.  Sirian energies will compound with the energies of the Sun and inundate the Earth with Sirian energies.

This direct or conjunct Sirian alignment occurs on July 3 – July 7.  The opposite Sirian alignment occurs when the Sun and Sirius appear to be located on opposite sides of the Earth.  This opposite alignment occurs on January 3 – January 7.

Sun Conjunct Sirius on July 3 – July 7

Sirian alignment

During the conjunct alignment with Sirius, the Earth will be inundated with Sirian energies.  Sirian energies are associated with healing, birth (and rebirth), rejuvenation, magic and nature.  During this time, the energetic flow on Earth is conducive with spiritual rebirth and healing.  If January is the physical new year, July is the spiritual new year.  In January, we typically try to let go of habits that no longer serve us in the physical world and try to pick up healthier habits. During the Sirian alignment in July, we should try to let go of habits that no longer serve us spiritually and try to adapt healthier spiritual habits.  The energies at this time will support spiritual healing required to change the behavioral patterns that are holding you back from spiritual ascension.

Although the Sirian alignment occurs during the first week in July, the Sirian energies stick around on Earth through out all of July and part of August – hence ‘the dog days of summer’.  In June, Sirius begins it’s journey behind the Sun and is only visible in the night sky after sunset.  On July 3rd, Sirius moves behind the Sun and is no longer visible in the night sky.  Sirius will not emerge from behind the Sun until August.  During the second week in August, Sirius emerges and is visible again just before the Sun rises.  The Lion’s Gate occurs when Sirius has emerged from behind the Sun and returns to the night sky – this is the Rising of Sirius.

The Rejuvenating Effects of Sirius

In 2017, a common theme has been a purging of past karma and resulting behavioral patterns that no longer serve our best purpose.  It’s been rather turbulent and painful at times – change is usually like that.  This year’s Sirian Alignment will definitely focus on healing the wounds from this purging process, so that we may emerge  spiritually rejuvenated.  Those that are able to successfully heal will find that they will feel a noticeable increase in consciousness and frequency.  This healing will begin in July and continue until commencement or ‘graduation’ on August 8-11, also known as the Lions Gate.  The Lions Gate is essentially the period of time where the integration of Sirian energies is completed.

The Sirian Alignment can be used to let go and heal from energetic patterns that prevent you from attaining your spiritual goals.  This is a time where you can consciously increase your spiritual connections, your psychic abilities, your innate frequency, your connection with spirit guides etc.  Most of you will probably understand that increasing the strength of your spiritual connections with the Creator (or Source) Energy will help you move closer to your authentic self and your true purpose.

For the conjunct Sirian Alignment in July, it is recommended that anyone looking to infuse themselves with Sirian energy or receive Sirian downloads meditate outside with the Sun beating down on their Third Eye or Crown Chakra.  You can also charge crystals, water or other objects with Sirian energy by leaving them out in the sun.

Sirian Starseeds with well integrated Sirian energy will find that their business ventures and spiritual ventures will recieve a boost at this time.  There is the possibility for these starseeds to jump to a timeline with a higher vibration.

Sun Opposite Sirius Alignment in January

sirian alignmentThis Sun opposite Sirius alignment occurs in January and results in Sirius appearing to be on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun.  During this time, Sirius is visible in the night sky in the northern hemisphere.

People wishing to utilize these Sirian energies in January can do night time meditations outside under the starlight.  Try to position yourself so that Sirius is directly over head or so that you are facing it.

This Sun opposite Sirius alignment will be particularly beneficial to those Sirian starseeds that have unintegrated Sirian energy.  People born under the Sirian opposite Sun alignment will likely have some unintegrated Sirian energy.  Unintegrated Sirian energies tend to manifest as difficulties in creating spiritual or psychic connections, difficulties with meditation, difficulties with conscious manifestation (Law of Attraction) and general difficulties with spiritual ascension.  Sirian starseeds with unintegrated Sirian energies are likely to have a weak spiritual sovereignty – meaning that they are more likely to seek outside validation of spiritual beliefs.  These people tend to feel like they are not intuitive and need to access the skills of other intuitives in order to receive spiritual downloads.

Starseeds with unintegrated Sirian energy would do well to meditate outside under the Sirian starlight in January.  Recognize the blockages you have regarding your spirituality and then ask Sirius and to help you release them.  In January, the Sun is on the opposite side of Earth from Sirius – this is a very polarizing or pulling energy.  Visualize Sirius pulling the blockage out of you.

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