orion starseed karma

Orion Starseed Karma Integration

Orion Starseed karma can influence your ability to create in the physical realm: to create abundance, to build physical objects and to bring your intentions into reality.

When your Orion starseed karma is well integrated it usually gives you the ability to create the physical life that you want.

Orion karma is that motivation to build something for yourself to enjoy.

When Orion karma is poorly integrated it usually inhibits your ability to create and reduces your motivation to make improvements with your life. People with poorly integrated Orion starseed karma have a “I can’t do it” attitude. They seem to hate trying new things, they complain, they give up quickly and they’re pessimistic. These people have a hard time making the changes they need to make in order to have the life they want.

People with well integrated Orion starseed karma easily take on responsibilities and don’t have a problem accepting the consequences of their actions. They take responsibility for the active role they play in their situation and they seize opportunities to improve themselves or their lives. To an Orion starseed with well integrated karma, most challenges are an exciting opportunity to achieve or learn something new.

Integrating Orion starseed karma often begins when one realises that all of their actions have meaning and therefore… they have consequences. When we are children, our reality is largely (but not entirely) dependent on what our parents are creating and as we age, we gain more control over our lives. Childhood can integrate or unintegrate one’s starseed karma as we learn behaviors and thought patterns from the adults around us.

It is our responsibility to assess ourselves objectively and identify behaviors and thoughts that no longer support us in our growth and development. You must shed habits that no longer serve you and build new habits that support your growth into the person you want to be.

When we grow from child to adult, we must begin to realise that all our choices are significant in creating our future. Once we can accept responsibility for the life we have created for ourselves, we can really begin to mature.

During the most of the month of June, Orion is in conjunct alignment with the Sun. This is a good time to invest in yourself and your life. Work hard, start healthier habits and be as productive as possible in June if you’re looking to integrate some Orion karma.

Create as much as possible during the Orion Alignment and think about your goals and intentions while you work.

Spend time outdoors being productive (yard work or gardening is awesome for this reason) as the Sun will be infused with Orion energy. Getting some sunshine will definitely help integrate some Orion starseed karma.

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