Starseed Message from Pleiadian Guide

Starseed Message from a Pleiadian Guide – as channeled by Aspen.

Hello Starseed! It’s 11:55. Undoubtedly you feel the energy on Earth has changed. There is no going back. Only forward. This is what you came here to experience. The next 33 years will be big and full of change for humanity and Earth.

What is a Starseed?

Not a weapon to be used to divide yourselves in the spiritual world. A Starseed is not spiritually more advanced than others. Although… a starseed is more likely to gain spiritual knowledge than a non-starseed because they are specifically supported by a specific network of beings acting in the spiritual world. A Starseed is a soul that has incarnated in other star systems within the Milky Way.

Your Mission

You, starseed have a specific mission – to herald in the consciousness expansion events, spread knowledge, help energetically prepare the the world (and humanity) for massive changes in the physical world.

Other beings have important jobs on Earth as well… the true physical and genetic descendants of the Atlanteans and Lemurians, elementals and the souls that have incarnated from worlds outside our galaxy.

All beings in our Galaxy are physically and energetically linked to one another because we live in the same ‘tree’. I can see Solaris in my night sky and you can the see the Pleiades in your night sky. We have stories about you and you have stories about us.

Consciousness Expansion

You are in the midst of a consciousness expansion and a lot of things are going to change. Your understanding of everything is about evolve. The transition phase is likely to be chaotic.

Human consciousness has been expanding and contracting on a (roughly) 25,000 year cycle. The last Golden Age reached its peak and began its descent nearly 25,000 years ago.

Humanity regressed from highly advanced societies back to the ‘stone age’.

At around 12,000 years ago human consciousness reached its most restricted state before beginning its expansion phase again. Human consciousness has been expanding for almost 12,000 years.

Human consciousness expansion is a slow process and some of you starseeds may be guilty of assuming it would be a quick, immediate change. It requires us to build upon the shoulders of the previous generations. Eliminate patterns that do not work.

Personal consciousness expansion is an entirely different story. This can happen relatively quickly but still, on average requires several years of work.

During the last 100 years, human consciousness expansion has sped up and will continue to do so until the next Golden Age. Over the last 100 years humanity learned about electromagnetism, genetics, quantum physics, computing, space travel, wireless communication and disease.

Understanding in these areas are about to expand and change drastically.

Expansion of Scientific Knowledge

Currently your science is intrinsically flawed – you attempt to study science by isolating the object of study from all the other natural contributing factors or variables. This is not how nature works and it gives a very narrow understanding of the world.

This will change and will result in a series of huge scientific advancements. Very soon scientists will have perfected the use of computers in scientific observation. This will give them the ability to analyze very complex systems in their natural state (not isolated).

The big scientific advancement humanity will learn over the next 50 years will catalyze humanity into the next Golden Age. The unified theory will finally be understood.

The children being born from about 2006 until the present day will bring this knowledge with them and demonstrate/teach it to humanity.

Once the unified theory is understood by all, humanity enters a great era. In order to understand it, human consciousness must be expanded.

As computing technology improves so will your ability to take in larger frames of information.

Currently humanity is limited by the measuring instruments used in science. Most of them take a single 2D slice of information from a 3D reality. Or a single second from a huge continuum of time.

The expansion of scientific understanding evolves in tandem with spiritual understanding.

Science and spirituality are exploring the same questions but using different methods. They will converge as consciousness expands.

Consciousness Expansion Results in Temporary Chaos

Consciousness expansion creates new ideas (many of which aren’t good ideas) and feelings of urgency. People are seeking a wider understanding and are sometimes being misled.

Eventually everyone will get to the same knowledge. In the meantime, things can be difficult.

Stay centered and work on creating the world you want – one small piece at a time. Do what you CAN do… and put all your intentions into it. Be grateful for what you have, little starseed. Create. Love and Expand.

There’s a reason why we Pleiadians talk about love all the time – it protects you from yourself. The information you gather from your surroundings (what you see, what you hear, what you feel etc.) can be hard to deal with and very hard to interpret, especially when you lack understanding. It’s easy to want to assign blame – to yourself or to other people. It can dim your spirit but love protects you from that.

Teaching your (inner) child not to internalize every negative thing they perceive would be a huge gift to them and to humanity. Love yourself, even if other people are mean to you. Usually they seem mean because they have something else going on that has nothing to do with you.

Consciousness expansion is heavily influenced and catalyzed by the movements of Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Pluto and Saturn play the biggest role of the four.

Geopolitical changes, social reform and scientific break throughs are all linked with Pluto and Saturn – they are also closely linked with how humanity interacts with one another.

A quick overview of the Saturn-Pluto Cycle

Conjunctions are often associated with massive geopolitical change. Often resulting in reorganization of the elite factions on Earth.

The conjunction in 1914-1915 created energy that was no longer in support of royal families ruling over the people (this was a cycle that had begun back in the 1700s). Following this conjunction, humanity saw many of their monarchies handing power over to democracies or communism.

In 1947-1948 humanity saw the redrawing of many international borders. This conjunction completed the cycle that had begun in 1914.

The 1982-1983 conjunction saw the arrival of the digital age and personal computing.

The 2020 conjunction will see the arrival of the Technocracy. They have the old elites struggling to maintain power.

Trine and Sextile aspects between Saturn and Pluto are often associated with scientific and spiritual break throughs.

Trines and Sextile alignments between Saturn and Pluto have corresponded with the incorporation of Microsoft and Apple in 1976 (sextile) and when the world wide web was made accessible to the public in 1989 (sextile). Then there was the cloning of Dolly in 1996 (trine).

Recently trine and sextile alignments have had more of a spiritual overtone. In 2006 – 2007 humanity saw another trine – this was a significant one because many of you began to wake up. A wonderful online movie was released in 2007 and it woke up many, many people.

A book published in 2006 introduced a concept that has heavily influenced your spiritual understanding – The Secret introduced the Law of Attraction to the world.

And then in 2012 Pluto was sextile with Saturn. It seemed like 2012 was a spiritual dud – it absolutely was not. Those that woke up from 2005 to 2013 will reach their stride by 2022. The spiritual foundations laid in 2005 until 2013 will become very relevant again in 2022 until 2025.

Looking to the Future: 2022 – 2025

Pluto will be sextile Saturn but also Neptune in November 2022 – Pleiadian alignment also occurs at this time – so it is a big energetic opportunity for those of you that are reading this. Do you have any spiritual projects that you are feeling called to create? Get prepared, you have just under two years to make it happen.

In 2025, Pluto and Saturn will be trine – another huge opportunity! Actually from now until 2026 is a good time to initiate projects that you feel called to initiate. If you have spiritual knowledge you feel that you need to share – share it! If you feel like you need to start a forest school, a clothing company, start painting or start gardening – do it! You never know where it will take you (that’s the whole point and being your spirit guide wouldn’t be so much fun if you knew everything).

Some of you aren’t getting anywhere because you are too afraid to try new things. Push through that block.

2036 and Beyond

In 2036, Saturn and Pluto will be opposite – the US can expect an event with the same energy as 9/11 unfolding on live TV, the assassination of JFK on live TV and the stock market crash.

From 2042 until about 2049 will bring massive scientific breakthroughs.

In 2053, there will be another Saturn/Pluto conjunction that will see another changing of the guards.

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