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Waxing Moon Intentions: The Growth Phase of Conscious Manifestation

This article, Waxing Moon Intentions: The Growth Phase of Conscious Manifestation, is the second in my series about Lunar Manifestation.  The first article in this series was New Moon Intentions: The Seeds of Conscious Manifestation.

The Waxing Moon is the phase when the moon appears to grow larger in the sky – this occurs between the New Moon and the Full Moon.  This is a period of growth.  This is the time where you take the intention you set at the New Moon and add ‘in-phase’ energy to it (think about your intention as an affirmation).  You want to visualize your thought forms as waves of energy that are constructively interfering with your intention.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to – please read the Process of Manifestation.

My favourite method of harnessing energy and directing it towards my intention is harnessing the physical energy that I exert through physical labour.  Let’s say for example that you are cleaning your house under the waxing moon and as you are scrubbing and sweating away, you decide to think about your intention and how you’re going to receive it in the physical realm.  This will help your intention gain density and it will begin condensing down from the spiritual realms into the physical realm.  Thinking about your intention while you work will actually contribute very dense (heavy) physical energy to your intention, thus catalyzing the manifestation process.

A lot of people tend to overlook the importance of physical labour in manifestation using the Law of Attraction, but it plays an important role because it offers the physical element required to give structure to the spiritual workings that is conscious manifestation.   Our intentions and thought forms exist in the spiritual realms (5D and 4D) and they begin to create vortices that drop down from the spiritual realms towards the physical realm.  When we direct our physical energy exerted towards our intention, we are actually creating a vortex from the physical realms towards the spiritual realms.  Doing this enables the two vortices to connect and create an energetic conduit through which our intention can manifest.

There are countless ways in which to harness your physical energy exerted and direct it towards your intention however, they all follow these general steps:

  1. Choose a physical activity.  You may choose yoga, running, baking bread, scrubbing the floor or anything where you are going to be working up a sweat without having to focus too much on what your are doing.
  2. Choose your intention and visualize yourself living your intention in the spiritual realm.  While you are physically working, visualize your intention and really allow yourself to feel what it would be like to be living your intention.  Visualize your intentions as creating an energy vortex from the spirit realm down to the physical realm.
  3. Visualize your energy body.  When you are doing physical labour, you are emitting many forms of energy including, heat (infrared), physical force and vibrational energy.  Our energy bodies emit these energies and they will dissipate into the surrounding environment.  For the purposes of conscious manifestation, manifestation vortexvisualize the emitted energy swirling and creating a vortex between the physical realm up towards the spiritual realms.
  4. Visualize that the two vortices have connected to create a conduit between the spirit and physical realms.  With each physical exertion, visualize the intention falling closer towards you through the conduit, leaving the spiritual realm and entering into the physical.

If your intention can be reached by doing physical labour (like building a house to create abundance, or gardening to manifest health etc.) this exercise will work doubly well!  So get creative and try find a physical activity that can help bring your intention into the physical.


New Moon Intentions: The Seeds of Conscious Manifestation

For the month of September 2016, I will be writing a series of four posts describing how to use the lunar cycle to consciously manifest your desires.  This post is the first of the series – New Moon Intentions!

For an introduction to conscious manifestation, please see Conscious Manifestation 101

Setting New Moon intentions is so much more than just New Age spiritual hocus pocus.  Our ancestors have been working with the natural energetic cycles of the moon for thousands of years and for good reason!  I personally think that one of the main reasons why people have a hard time with conscious manifestation is because they are not working with the natural energy flow of the Earth.  When the natural flows of energy aren’t considered during your attempts at conscious manifestation, you may begin to feel like you are “working against the current” or like “the whole world is against you”.  When you feel like you are working against the current, chances are that you are probably right.  But do not allow yourself to be defeated just yet!  Learn to work with the natural energy currents and improve your conscious manifestation skills!

For thousands of years, humanity has initiated ventures on the New Moon like planting crops, getting married and beginning trips.  The practice of working with the lunar phases persisted until only a few decades ago.

Why set New Moon Intentions?

The Earth is under the influence of the gravitational fields of both the Sun and the Moon.  During the New Moon, the Moon is in line with the Sun and therefore their gravitational fields are both pulling on the Earth in the same direction.  For reasons unknown (to me) this creates an energetic atmosphere that is fertile for creative inspiration, including conscious manifestation.  Setting New Moon intentions is like planting a seed.

How to Set Your New Moon Intentions

There are many New Moon rituals that can be very effective, what is important is your focus and your intention.  Many gifted individuals have gotten so good at manifesting that all they have to do is send the intention out and receive the manifestation later.  Even these masters had to start somewhere and ritual is a great way to learn how to focus and consciously manifest your desires into the physical realm.  In this post, I will share with you a simple New Moon Intentions ritual that I’ve been using for years!

You will need the following items for this ritual:

  • A vessel for burning herbs and small pieces of paper
  • Matches or Candle
  • Herbs (carrying similar vibrations to that of your intention)
  • 5 Crystals (carrying similar vibrations to that of your intention)
  • Piece of cloth
  • Small piece of paper
  • Pencil

For this ritual, it is best done outside under the New Moon but if that is not possible, do the ritual near an open window.  For my New Moon ritual I use prairie sage and wild tobacco as my herbs and I use crystals that align with my intention.

  1.  Prepare your ritual area.  Lay down the piece of cloth and place the vessel in the centre.  Smudge your area with sage or similar cleansing herbs to purify your area and your objects.  Allow the remaining smudge to smolder while you work through the next steps.
  2. Write your intention down on the paper.  Beginners should focus on one intention at a time.  Really focus on your energy going into your intention, beginning in your heart chakra and shooting down your arms and out your fingertips and onto the page.
  3. Add more herbs to your smudge.  Light the piece of paper on fire and allow it to burn with the herbs inside the vessel.  For a vessel, I use an abalone shell but you can also use a clay pot, a brass incense burner or even a glass dish.  Visualize the energy behind your intention transforming from physical energy (energy originating from the physical realm) into spiritual energy (light energy) during the process of burning.  Visualize the smoke as a representation of your intention moving through the veil between the physical and spiritual realms.
  4. Bathe your crystals in the smoke resulting from the smoldering herbs and paper.  This process is actually charging your crystals with your intention.  You may also use the smoke to charge other objects with the energy of your intention.
  5. Allow your smudge to burn out on its own.  I like to bury these ashes in my flower bed but you can also disperse them into the wind.
  6. Place a charged crystal at each of the four main corners of your house or apartment.  Carry the fifth one with you.

Make this ritual your own and add your own little tweaks to give it your own energetic signature!

If you’re going to be successful in your conscious manifestation attempts, you must follow your intention through until the next New Moon.  During the Waxing Moon you will continue to contribute to the energy of your intention.  During the Full Moon you will receive the physical manifestation of your intention.  During the Waning Moon you will give thanks and purge your energies in preparation for the next New Moon.

My next post will discuss what you need to do during the days between the New Moon and the Full Moon, also known as the Waxing Moon.  The Waxing Moon is a period of build up.  We can use this time to reinforce our intentions with affirmations and continue to build up the energy behind chosen intentions.



Conscious Manifestation 101

Conscious manifestation is the practice of consciously creating the future.  We are all co-creators of this reality and we can all consciously create what we desire.  The first step is deciding to take control and accept responsibility.

The Law of Attraction works – it is just misused!  It is true that you attract whatever outcomes occur in your life by directing your energy towards that outcome but merely thinking about something isn’t going to get you what you want in life.  However, it will help!

In this post I’m going to give you some practical tips that will help you to consciously manifest the life that you are meant to live.  For each step, you want to use visualization to help with the manifestation process.  Understanding the mechanics of manifestation is important in helping with visualization.  Please read my post on The Manifestation Process to build your understanding of physical manifestation.

1. Consciously State Your Intentions

When beginning the process of conscious manifestation, stating your intention is the most important step because you are planting the seeds of physical manifestation.  The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that your emotions match that of your intention.  It often takes some energetic preparation to ensure that your soul is vibrating at the same frequency as your intention.  Setting monthly intentions is best done during the New Moon.

2. Compound The Energy

So now that you have set your intention, it is time to build up the energy of your intention.  You can do this by seeking the assistance of natural energetic ‘teachers’ like crystals and plants or by using colours and sounds.  Each crystal, plant, colour and tone has a frequency and we can use these frequencies to compound amplitudes or ‘amp up’.  This results in an intention with stronger energies behind it

3.  Work With Natural Energy Cycles

Work with natural energy cycles to integrate the frequency of your intention into the energetic matrix and begin manifest in the physical, 3D reality.  One of the most important natural energy cycles on Earth is the monthly lunar cycle.  The lunar cycle has four main phases: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon.  New Moon is the time to set intentions.  Waxing Moon is the time in which you do the physical work required to physically manifest your intention.  Full Moon is when you help integrate the frequencies of your intention into the physical reality.  Waning Moon  is when you give gratitude for everything that you’ve manifested thus far.

4.  Do The Work

This where you contribute physical energy to your intention.  The idea here is to focus all your exerted physical energy into the manifestation of your intention.  You could visualize your physical energy flowing into your intention.  Visualize your intention getting heavier from all the increased physically exerted energy, so heavy it’s just about ready to fall from the spiritual, thought realm and into the physical reality.  It is important to hold positive emotions while you are directly your exerted physical energy into your intention.

So for example, if your intention was to attract positivity into your life, you may decide to declutter and clean your space to get rid of all the old energies.  You will physically clean but you will also direct the physical energy exerted in scrubbing and hauling junk, into your intention of attracting positivity.  This step is best done during the Waxing Moon phase.

This step is of utmost importance!  Conscious manifestation is a process that works mostly with the energies of the divine feminine.  This step is where we integrate the divine masculine energy – physical work.  Integrating the energies of physical work into your intention will help greatly in the integration of the intention into the physical reality.  Physical work sets up the physical framework required for your intention to physically manifest.

5.  Be Grateful

Being grateful and saying thank you is a way of returning energies that were contributed to your intention to Source.  It prevents stagnant energy and enhances energetic flow.  It also helps to correct your intentions.  So every time you start to feel your emotions going off course, just remind yourself of what you are grateful for.   This step is best done during the Waning Moon phase.

If you get yourself on a monthly manifestation schedule, you will be best suited for conscious manifestation because it will help you balance the divine masculine and feminine energies in your life.