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The Incarnation Process and the Soul’s Innate Frequency

Why Incarnate Into Various Star Systems?

When receiving a starseed reading, many people are surprised to find out that their soul incarnated into several star systems and not just one.

It is actually more common for a starseed to have more than one incarnation into other star systems.  Starseed souls incarnate in many star systems to use experiences to expand their consciousness.  For souls that originated in the higher dimensions, they see the benefits to experiencing reality at the lower dimensions.

Reality, Source and spirituality are experienced differently in each star system, so this enables souls to experience them from a different perspective.  For the purposes of consciousness expansion, souls are in a better position to know more about reality, Source and spirituality when they experience it from various perspectives.

What exactly ARE souls?

Souls are a fractal yet conscious ‘streams’ of the Source or Creator Energy.  The Source Energy is every where, all the time – there is really no empty space in the energetic or spiritual realm.  Conscious streams or souls are denser, sort of clumps of energy that are embedded into an ambient, collective consciousness Source energy.  This background, ambient, collective consciousness Source energy was given a name by the scientific community – the cosmic microwave background.

Each stream of consciousness is a collection (or clump as earlier described lol) of energetic frequencies.  This collection of frequencies makes up one’s Innate Frequency.  The innate frequency is essentially the frequency at which your soul vibrates.  When the innate frequency or soul is balanced and flowing – the innate frequency is a harmonic series.  Everything in the physical realm has an innate frequency that is visible in the spiritual realm.

When balanced and flowing, the innate frequency operates like a harmonic series

Our innate frequency is created when our stream of consciousness splits from the Source Energy.  Our innate frequency is altered and transformed with each action and incarnation – this is how karma operates on the energetic level.

Our innate frequency contains information regarding all of our past lives.  When psychics say they are accessing your Akashic Records – they are actually reading and interpreting your innate frequency.  ‘The’ Akashic Records are like a collection of all innate frequencies to create a collective record of reality.

The Incarnation Process

When a soul incarnates on to any planet, the energetic atmosphere of that planet must work in phase with the soul’s innate frequency.  The energetic atmosphere on Earth is largely dependant on the relative position of the sun, the moon, the planets and stars.  Souls require specific astrological alignments that work well with the soul’s innate frequency.  This is why studying the astrological alignments at the time of one’s birth gives insight into the soul’s innate frequency and past incarnations.

The incarnation of souls into human bodies on Earth is actually a fairly lengthy process and takes about 10 months.  The moment of conception requires a specific astrological alignment as well but it is rarely studied as it is often very difficult to determine the moment of conception.  The gestational period takes about 10 months and is essentially the process of an innate frequency physically manifesting on to Earth.  The innate frequency must integrate with the frequencies of it’s future body’s biological components – mainly the genetic molecules like DNA and RNA.  However,  a soul doesn’t just incarnate into just any body – the body (and it’s genetic make up) are often carefully chosen.  The birth is the final stage in the physical manifestation of a soul.  The birth is the moment that the innate frequency (or soul) is fully integrated with it’s new body.

So Why Duality?  Why Earth? 

Duality and Earth are perspectives of Source that higher dimensional souls have not experienced yet.  Some of us are accustomed to experiencing duality and others aren’t.  It’s just how it works.  As a soul gains more experience with duality, they have an easier time learning to thrive in it.  Other souls with less experience with duality may have a harder time thriving but if they are committed to learning the skills required for 3D survival, they have the potential to learn A LOT in one life time.


What is the Divine Feminine?

“The divine masculine focuses on physical survival, the divine feminine gives us purpose in survival through the cultivation of love and comfort.”

In the spiritual community, we often hear phrases like “embracing the divine feminine” or “balance the divine feminine and divine masculine” but what exactly IS the divine feminine and how do we balance it with the divine masculine?

Here in the 3rd dimension, we experience the Source Energy from a perspective of duality – light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil and masculine and feminine.  The way to ascension for humanity, is to learn how to experience the Source Energy from a perspective of unity – which means that we must learn to first balance the divine feminine and divine masculine.

Since the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, humanity was been experiencing the Source Energy from a divine masculine perspective.  When this occurs, we tend to focus on our physical being.  Our main focus is on manifesting the physical requirements needed for survival, like shelter, food, water and protection. We interact with Source using masculine themes.  For example, manifestation from a masculine perspective is done entirely by physical work or labour.

The Divine Feminine energy focuses on the energy body, the spiritual self and uses themes like intuition, energy work and creativity for manifestation.  So, while the divine masculine focuses on physical survival, the divine feminine gives us purpose in survival through the cultivation of love and comfort.  We survive not because we merely want to exist in the physical realm, but because we have a spiritual purpose and we have the 3D expression of love in the physical realm.  Finding and fulfilling that spiritual purpose and cultivating love is embracing the divine feminine.  Historically, women are said to embody the divine feminine and this is seen in their role within the home.  Women would typically make survival worth while by cultivating love and comfort.  They did this by creating delicious food, warm blankets, making things look pretty and smell uplifting.  The divine feminine focuses on spiritual survival, ascension, following your life’s purpose, the expansion of unconditional love and manifestation through energy work.

The divine feminine is often studied and practically applied by Eastern religions and paganism.  It is because these cultures that practice paganism or Eastern religions are commonly associated with the ancient Lemurians, who were well tuned to the divine feminine energy.  The Lemurians were masters at consciously harnessing and manipulating energy for the purposes of manifestation.  They would harness the natural energies of objects like crystals, plants, water and minerals and direct them towards the manifestation of a chosen outcome.  Lemurians paid close attention to the natural cycles that create the dynamic flow or currents of energies on Earth.  By harnessing the energies of objects and directing them using natural cycles – we can manipulate energies to consciously manifest.  This art of manifestation was the divine feminine form of creation, whereas physical labour was the divine masculine form of creation.   This does not mean that only females utilized energetic manifestation, males did as well, likewise females would also conduct physical labour as a means to create.

The Manifestation Process

In ancient Lemuria and Atlantis during the time of peak consciousness, the divine masculine and divine feminine energies of individual people, homes, villages and humanity as a whole were in balance.  To maintain balance, one method was to operate from the divine masculine for a period of time and then operate from the divine feminine for a period of time.  This was seen in the way they would use both the divine feminine in ritual and the divine masculine for physical labour to manifest their desires.  The people would use the natural cycles to consciously manifest their intentions by setting an intention through ritual, doing the physical work to manifest while holding their conscious intention, conducting a manifestation ritual and going into a state of preparation and planning.  Each of these four steps would correspond with the natural cycles, most notably the moon cycles and equinoxes.  Intentions were set during the new moon or winter solstice, physical work was done during the waxing moon or during the period between December 21 and June 20, manifestation rituals were conducted at the full moon or on the summer solstice and entering a state of allowing during the waning moon or the period between June 20 and December 21.




What are the 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th dimensions?

What exactly are the 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions?  There has been a lot of different interpretations of what the dimensions actually are.  Some say that the dimensions are states of consciousness and the higher dimensions are closest to the Source energy and others say that they are different densities.  Well, all of these descriptions are correct, it’s just a slightly different interpretation.  In this post, I will be sharing with you my perspective of the various dimensions in our universe.

I’ll describe first how the dimensions were created.  In the second following the big bang, the multi-dimensional nature of our universe was organised.  Immediately following the big bang, there was a moment of singularity – a single point that contained all the energy in the universe – this was the moment that the 1st dimension was created.  And then, that single point of energy, the Source energy became conscious and had its first thought “what am I?”.  The Source energy then split into two and created the 2nd dimension.  That little off-shoot of the Source energy observed source and created the 3rd dimension.

NOTE:  In my previous post The Process of Manifestation I explain how matter is created when energy is observed.

In the 3rd dimension we experience duality, polarities etc.  In the 3rd dimension, we experience the Source energy as separate from ourselves so that we can observe Source objectively.  And by observing Source energy, we manifest that energy into the physical realm.  The Double Slit Experiment demonstrates how atoms (building blocks of physical matter) behave as a wave of energy when they are not observed AND ALSO behave as physical matter when it is observed.

In the 5th dimension we experience Source energy from a perspective of unity and we have stopped asking the question “what am I?” and we to start experience Source as “We are”.  In the 5th dimension, we perceive Source energy for what it is – consciousness, light and love.  So what does this look like?  Well it looks like sine waves and fields of bright, dynamic, beautiful colours with dense inner parts that correspond with the 3rd dimensional body.  The energy fields of all physical matter is visible in the 5th dimension.  Because of this, there is rarely ever empty space in the 5th dimension.   It is possible to see the physical bodies from the 5th dimension but they are a little obscured by the energy fields.  In the 5th dimension, thought forms (waves) are visible, so manifestation is essentially instantaneous.

You may have noticed that I skipped over the 4th dimension and that is because the 5th dimension needed to be described first.  The 4th dimension is the veil or the half step between the 3rd and 5th dimensions.  The4th dimension is a really odd place, it’s physical and energetic, it’s polar and unified.  Thought forms that are close to manifesting into the physical are seen in the 4th dimension first.  This is the place of timelines and possibilities. In the 4th dimension, we can see what a person is going to manifest or in the process of manifesting before it actually condenses into the physical.  And because the 4th dimension is more fluid than the 3rd dimension, we can also see parallel timelines (what a person’s life would be like if they decided to make a drastic change).  When we are in the 4th dimension we can jump timelines easily.