Starseed Origins Guide

Use this Starseed Origins Guide to learn about different types of starseeds and their characteristics.  The guide is intended to help starseeds identify their starseed origins.  This guides contains traits for common starseeds including Pleiadian starseeds, Orion starseeds , Sirian starseeds , Lyran starseeds, Arcturian starseeds and more!

  • zeta starseeds
    Starseed Markings,  Starseed Origins Guide

    Zeta Starseeds and Their Starseed Markings

    Zeta Starseeds, Zeta Beings and Hybrid Children Zeta starseeds are starseeds that have previously incarnated in the star system of Zeta Reticuli.  Zeta Reticuli is the star system that is home to the Zeta beings.  The Zeta beings have also been called the “Greys”. The Zeta beings are one of the more commonly recognized ET being because they were the topic of several well known alien encounters.  They are the typical grey aliens with a large head, large black eyes and thin, small body.   Zeta beings are often the center of abduction stories and other alien encounters.  They are also suspected of conducting reproductive tests on humans in order…

  • Sirian Alignment
    Sirius,  Starseed Origins Guide

    How to Utilize the Sirian Energies During the Sirian Alignment

    On July 3 – July 7, the Sirian Alignment will occur.  Sirius will appear to be located behind the Sun and will therefore appear to rise and set in conjunction with the Sun.  Sirian energies will compound with the energies of the Sun and inundate the Earth with Sirian energies. This direct or conjunct Sirian alignment occurs on July 3 – July 7.  The opposite Sirian alignment occurs when the Sun and Sirius appear to be located on opposite sides of the Earth.  This opposite alignment occurs on January 3 – January 7. Sun Conjunct Sirius on July 3 – July 7 During the conjunct alignment with Sirius, the Earth…

  • Orion Alignment
    Orion,  Starseed Origins Guide

    Connect with Orion During the Orion Alignment

    From June 7th until June 20th the Sun and the Earth will all be in perfect alignment with Orion.  This alignment occurs when Orion is conjunct with the Sun.  From December 7 until December 20th, Orion is opposite the Sun.  Both of these astrological alignments can be used to connect with Orion. The Orion Alignment occurs twice a year when the Sun and the Earth line up with the Orion constellation.  The conjunct alignment occurs when Orion appears to be located behind the Sun from Earth’s relative position.  This alignment occurs in June and is the Sun Conjunct Orion Alignment. The second alignment occurs from December 7th until December 20th.…