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  • Orion Alignment
    Orion,  Starseed Origins Guide

    Connect with Orion During the Orion Alignment

    From June 7th until June 20th the Sun and the Earth will all be in perfect alignment with Orion.  This alignment occurs when Orion is conjunct with the Sun.  From December 7 until December 20th, Orion is opposite the Sun.  Both of these astrological alignments can be used to connect with Orion. The Orion Alignment occurs twice a year when the Sun and the Earth line up with the Orion constellation.  The conjunct alignment occurs when Orion appears to be located behind the Sun from Earth’s relative position.  This alignment occurs in June and is the Sun Conjunct Orion Alignment. The second alignment occurs from December 7th until December 20th.…

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    How To Connect With Your ET Spirit Guides

    I’ve been asked many, many times to describe a good method for connecting with your ET spirit guides and I thought I’d answer it here, in a post. We all have spirit guides that are available to us when we need them and yes, we may have more than one.  I have two that have been with  me for my whole life, one my great grandmother and the other is an Arcturian, my ET spirit guide. To be honest, I can’t remember a time in my life where I haven’t been able to feel a connection with my spirit guides.  As a child I was taught that our ancestors are…

  • Orion starseed
    Orion,  Starseed Origins Guide

    Orion Starseed Traits

    Now Available  ‘The Starseed’s Compass: A Guide to Identifying Your Soul’s Origin’!  This book will identify all Orion starseed markings! The Orion constellation is located in Gemini and is home to several different types of beings, all with similar overall characteristics.  Like other races of beings, they have agreed to help Earth in our spiritual evolution by seeding Orions into human bodies on Earth (Orion starseeds) and by acting as spiritual guides to individual people on Earth. Orion starseeds tend to have the following traits: a insatiable thirst for knowledge analyize and dissect all forms of information hold opinions very strongly and do not change their opinions easily need quantitative…