Starseed Origins Guide

Use this Starseed Origins Guide to learn about different types of starseeds and their characteristics.  The guide is intended to help starseeds identify their starseed origins.  This guides contains traits for common starseeds including Pleiadian starseeds, Orion starseeds , Sirian starseeds , Lyran starseeds, Arcturian starseeds and more!

  • procyon starseeds
    Starseed Origins Guide

    Procyon Starseeds

    I have felt the need to write about Procyon for a few weeks now due to a large influx of Procyon starseeds contacting me but I have been too distracted to take the time to do so.  However, the perfect time has finally presented itself and I have some time to write a post and do a few more free readings! Procyon is a white-yellow-ish star in the Canis Minor constellation and is the 7th brightest star in the sky. Procyon is actually a binary star system that consists of the larger Procyon A and the white dwarf Procyon B.  Procyon B orbits Procyon A every 41 years. Several years…

  • Andromeda,  Starseed Origins Guide

    Andromedan Starseed Traits

    The Andromeda Galaxy is the nearest galaxy to our galaxy, The Milky Way and is located in the constellation of Andromeda.  The Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy are currently moving towards one another and are expected to collide in approximately 4 billion years.  The Andromeda Galaxy can be found in the night sky by looking for the Vertex star in the Andromeda constellation. The Andromedan Lineup, where the Earth and the Sun align with the Andromeda Galaxy  occurs on April 16-18.  Many Andromedan starseeds seeking spiritual expansion may find it helpful to meditate or do other forms of spiritual work on these days. Starseeds that have incarnated from the Andromeda…

  • lyran starseed
    starseed,  Starseed Origins Guide

    Lyran Starseed Traits

    Do you feel a connection with the Lyra constellation and feel that you might be a Lyran starseed? Lyra is a small constellation bordered by Draco, Hercules and Cygnus and contains the bright star Vega.  Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy and have incarnated into several other star systems including Arcturus, Sirius and the Pleiades.  Lyran beings are diverse in appearance but they have some common behavioral traits.  All Lyrans are humanoid and are said to be the root race of all humanoid races in our galaxy.  Some Lyrans have cat like features around the eyes and nose, others have bird-like features and some of them look very similar…