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If you’re new to IRC, don’t worry it’s just like any other chat except it lets you do a few things extra.

  1. How do I Change My Display Name (Nick) ?
    Type: ” /nick myNewNickname ” without the quotes.
  2. How do I Register or Password Protect my Nickname?
    Use this command to register the nickname you are currently connected with.

    /nickserv register <password> &ltemail_address>
    Example: /nickserv register SiU4N3tpo

    You will then receive an email from your Foonetic network with a verification command. Simply copy the verification command and enter it in KiwiIRC. Your nick is now registered. 

  3. How do I Change Channels, or Go to A Different Chatroom?
    Type: ” /join #NameOfChannel ” without quotes.
  4. How do I Block or Ignore trolls and spammers?
    Type: “/ignore username” without quotes, replacing “username” with the name of the troll/spammer.
    Type: “/unignore username” without quotes, as before to reverse this.
  5. Can I use more commands?  Where can I learn the commands?
    Google It! IRC commands

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