Connect With Arcturus During the Arcturian Alignment

The Arcturian Alignment occurs when the Earth, the Sun and Arcturus are in perfect alignment.  The Arcturian Alignment happens twice a year: October 16-18 and April 16-18.  On October 16-18th the Sun and Arcturus will be conjunct and on April 16-18th the Sun will be opposite Arcturus.  


During the Arcturian Alignment, Arcturian starseeds may experience energetic interferences including increased communication with Arcturian beings, memories being unlocked etc.  Arcturian beings tend to communicate with the starseeds through geometric patterns, colors or sounds, so starseeds may experience an increase in this sort of communication during the Arcturian Alignment.  Arcturian starseeds may experience those ‘eureka moments’ more frequently and they may receive inspiration for their life’s purpose.  


Sun Opposite Arcturus on April 16-18th


Arcturian Alignment – the Sun opposite Arcturus

The Sun opposite Arcturus is an Arcturian alignment that occurs when the Sun is on the opposite side of the Earth, relative to Arcturus.  The Sun opposite Arcturus is analogous to the Full Moon.  Starseeds born under this Arcturian alignment are likely Arcturian starseeds that will have a bit of work to do to integrate the energy from their past life in Arcturus.  These starseeds may have difficulty applying their Arcturian knowledge in their current lifetime without releasing/integrating that past life energy.

When this Arcturian alignment occurs in April, starseeds may find it beneficial to meditate outside during the night because Arcturus is visible in the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere.  Also really interesting, is that if you are lucky enough to live in the right location – you can get Arcturus directly overhead.  If you can achieve this in mid-April, the Sun will be located directly below you.  So if you sit outside with Arcturus above your Crown chakra and the Sun below your Root chakra – you can position yourself for some serious Arcturian energy integration.

To locate Arcturus in the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere, locate the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) and follow the arch of its handle until you find the bright orange star – that’s Arcturus!  For my part of the world – I must look north east during anytime of the evening.  I think it will be pretty much true for anyone in mainland North America.

Arc of Arcturus
Arc of Arcturus


As stated earlier, the Sun opposite Arcturus is an alignment that is analogous with the Full Moon.  That means that during this Arcturian alignment, it would be a good time for action, applying Arcturian knowledge and creating with Arcturian energies.  If you are working towards a goal that is heavy in energy that is congruent with Arcturian energy (your personal life’s purpose, science, technology, renewable energy etc), this Arcturian alignment will help speed up the manifestation of that goal.


Sun Conjunct Arcturus on October 16-18th


Arcturian Alignment
Arcturian Alignment – the Sun conjunct Arcturus

Sun Conjunct Arcturus is an Arcturian Alignment that occurs when Arcturus appears to disappear behind the Sun.  Starseeds born under this alignment are likely Arcturian starseeds that have integrated the energy from their past life in Arcturus into their current life.  These people will innately possess Arcturian knowledge and will find it easy to apply that knowledge to their everyday life.  

When the Arcturian Alignment occurs in October, starseeds may find it beneficial to meditate out in the sun, with the sunlight directed onto your third eye.  The Arcturian energy will constructively interfere with the Sun’s energy and provide with an ‘Arcturian burst of energy’, which will manifest in one’s life.

Sun Conjunct Arcturus is analogous to the New Moon.  The New Moon is a time to plant the seeds of intentions, a time of renewal, a time of learning and a time of integrating/releasing past life energy (or karma).  Needless to say, a lot of Arcturian starseeds wake up during this time period.

If a starseed would like to charge their crystals, some water or other tools with Arcturian energy, they can do so by leaving the object or a glass container of water, out in the sun during the Arcturian Alignment.

Each Arcturian alignment provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in Arcturian energy but also they provide slightly different energies.  You can experiment with these energies to see how you can use them in meditation, conscious manifestation, charging crystals and whatever else you can imagine.


How To Connect With Your ET Spirit Guides

I’ve been asked many, many times to describe a good method for connecting with your ET spirit guides and I thought I’d answer it here, in a post.

We all have spirit guides that are available to us when we need them and yes, we may have more than one.  I have two that have been with  me for my whole life, one my great grandmother and the other is an Arcturian, my ET spirit guide.

To be honest, I can’t remember a time in my life where I haven’t been able to feel a connection with my spirit guides.  As a child I was taught that our ancestors are always able to aid us in our spiritual journey, all we needed to do was ask.  The traditional protocol was to take a handful of tobacco and walk into the bush until you feel comfortable speaking out loud.  You will find a comfortable place to sit and lay the tobacco on the ground.  Then you would ask your question to your ancestor and wait for the answer.  I suppose it was easier for a child to learn to meditate to connect with guides because I’ve just always been able to do it.  However, not everyone was taught from a young age and some can find it difficult to connect with their ET spirit guides using only meditation.

My ET spirit guide taught me a method to connect with a Pleiadian guide last spring and I’d like to share it with you today.  This method considers astrological alignments and incorporates the native american medicine wheel.  I used this method on my birthday, May 17th and received the very information I use to interpret birth charts for starseed alignments!   That meditation and the information I received from it, conceived this whole website.

Find your starseed markings in your birth chart using my ebook The Starseed’s Compass: A Guide to Identifying Your Soul’s Origins.  The ebook lists starseed alignments for 12 star systems!

Astrological alignments are useful when you are trying to connect with ET spirit guides.  When the sun and the earth are in line with a star system, it is easier to connect with an ET spirit guide from that star system.  So for example, if you wanted to connect with a Pleiadian guide, you would attempt to do so on May 16-20 when the sun and earth are in line with the Pleiades.  On these days, the Pleiades will appear to be behind the sun, so where ever the sun is in the sky, that’s where you’ll find the Pleiades.  It is best to meditate in the daytime during the Pleiades alignment in May to best optimize your results.  I like to incorporate my native traditions, so I always meditate when the sun (and therefore the Pleiades) is directly above my head or when I am watching the sun set or rise.  If you meditate when the sun is directly overhead, focus on your crown chakra during the meditation.  If you meditate while you are watching the sun set or rise, focus on your third eye.

The earth and the sun are also in line with the Pleiades in November when the sun is in opposition to the Pleiades.  During this time, meditation should occur at night under the stars.  Locating the Pleiades star cluster in the sky and orientating yourself so that the star cluster is either directly above your head or so that you are facing the star cluster as it rises above the horizon or sets below it.

The medicine wheel is constructed out of granite rocks containing ET spirit guidesquartz veins (at least in my part of the world) and is essentially a large grid that is orientated towards the four directions.  The medicine wheel can be used to orientate oneself to the cosmos.  Constructing a medicine wheel isn’t necessary but being orientated towards the star system you’d like to connect with is necessary for this method.  Also, the use of a crystal grid is highly recommended.


A Starseed’s Meditation for Connection with ET Spirit Guides:


  1. Choose the star system you would like to connect with

Before attempting this meditation to connect with ET spirit guides, you must first decide which star system you’d like to connect with and then plan your meditation to occur during that star system’s alignment with earth.

2. Choose when you’d like to meditate

There two alignments per year for each star system: one where the star system appears to be behind the sun and another when the star system is opposite the sun.  Which alignment you choose will determine whether your meditation will occur at night or during the day.

Here is a list of alignments with some of the more ‘popular’ star systems:

The Pleiades – alignments occur on May 16 – 20th (daytime meditation) and November 16-20th (nighttime meditation).

Orion – alignments occur on June 3 – June 21 (daytime meditation) and December 3 – 21 (nighttime meditation)

Sirius – alignments occur on July 4-6 (daytime meditation) and January 4-6 (nighttime meditation)

Arcturus – alignments occur on October 16-18 (daytime meditation) and April 16-18 (nighttime meditation)

Lyra – alignments occur on January 4-20 (daytime meditation) and July 4-20 (nighttime meditation)

Vega – alignments occur on January 6 (daytime mediation) and July 6 (nighttime meditation)

Andromeda Galaxy – alignments occur on April 17th  (daytime meditation) and October 17th (nighttime mediation)

Andromeda Star System – alignments occur on April 3rd – May 3rd (daytime meditation) and October 3rd – November 3rd (nighttime meditation)

3.  Find a peaceful location to meditate, preferably outdoors.

For this meditation, I have a favourite place located in the bush that has been used by my ancestors for generations as a ceremonial ground.  Our medicine wheels are located here and it is a place where I feel comfortable and safe, yet powerful.  You’ll want to find a place that allows you to feel the same way.

4.  Orientate yourself to the star system you wish to connect with.

You can easily locate the star system if you do the daytime meditation because it will be located behind the sun.  Arrange yourself in a comfortable seated position so that your third eye is facing the sun.  Alternatively, you can meditate when the sun is directly overhead so that your crown chakra is facing the sun.

If you are doing the nighttime mediation, you will need to locate your star system in the sky.  Arrange yourself in a seated position so that your third eye or crown chakra is facing the star system.

5.  Build a crystal grid around yourself.

For this step, I basically sat in the middle of my medicine wheel but you can build your favourite crystal grid around yourself and it will work in the same way.  Any crystal grid will work as long as there are four crystals that correspond to the four directions.

6.  Meditate.

For this step, I follow traditional protocol.  I give my offering of tobacco, I introduce myself by my spirit name and I state my intention.   And then…. still and quiet.


I hope this method helps you to also connect with ET spirit guides!  Thank you for reading!

Dream Catchers and Astral Protection

Dream catchers have got to be one of the more recognizable forms of Native American art but the true meaning behind dream catchers is often overlooked.

“The Ojibwe believed that the hole in the center of Grandmother Spider’s web was located at the Pleiades star cluster and that the strand of silk would connect all Ojibwe to the Creator.”

The original and authentic dream catchers are created by the Ojibwe or Anishinabe tribe of Native Americans.  Grandmother Spider is an important spiritual entity to the Anishinabe.  She is said to have created the sky and the stars by weaving a massive web in the sky that separates the spiritual and the physical realms.  The Ojibwe believed that the souls of newborns were transported from the spiritual realm into the physical realm by Grandmother Spider.  Grandmother Spider lived in the cosmos (sky) and lowered the souls of new babies through a hole in the center of her web using a strand of silk.  The Ojibwe believed that the hole in the center of Grandmother Spider’s web was located at the Pleiades star cluster and that the strand of silk would connect all Ojibwe to the Creator.  As long as a soul was connected to the Creator (Source energy), Grandmother Spider would always be able to find them and protect them from negativity, especially during that crucial newborn period.

The Ojibwe were located in northeastern North America prior to European contact.  The Ojibwe were given the Seven Fires Prophecy which warned the Ojibwe of a new threat originating in the east and stated that the Ojibwe should migrate west to avoid total destruction and death.  During this migration, groups of Ojibwe migrated all over the continent and they began to worry about maintaining that spiritual connection to each other and to Grandmother Spider.  To help Grandmother Spider maintain a spiritual connection and thus protect their newborns, Ojibwe mothers began to create dream catchers to symbolize the safe transition of souls from the spiritual to the physical world while maintaining a connection to the Creator and Grandmother Spider, thus benefiting from her protection long after arriving in the physical world.

To the Ojibwe, dreaming is a very important aspect of maintaining good spiritual health and acts a communication conduit with the spiritual world.  The dream catcher was created to assist Grandmother Spider in her protection of children.  One of the ways in which Grandmother Spider was said to protect children was by catching bad dreams, nightmares and negative spiritual entities in her web before they could affect the child.

“The dream catcher is intended to act like a filter that catches negative entities and protects you from them while you travel between the physical and spiritual realms during sleep.”

Over time, the dream catcher was used by adults to maintain their connection with Grandmother Spider and benefit from her protection.   It is believed that bad dreams, negative entities and thought-forms are caught in the web of the dream catcher while allowing the good dreams, positive entities and love through the small hole at the center of the dream catcher.

These Native American legends or stories, were just that – stories.  dream catchersStories intended for children to help them understand and remember general themes regarding spirituality.  Most importantly, the stories strengthened a child’s ability to visualize the spiritual world, which was a very important skill for an adult.  These myths survived the colonization of Native Americans because they were alive in the minds of the children.  From the 1800’s until around 1990’s, native children were taken away from their parents and their culture at age 5 to attend residential schools (like state-run boarding schools) where they were taught English, became Christians and learned to live a Western style of life.  As a result, many Native Americans were not educated about their culture beyond the stories they heard as children.  However, there are some families that refused to let their children forget the traditions and today they are sharing their knowledge.

The strength and effectiveness of a dream catcher relies on the strength of the visualization and intention that goes into creating dream catchers.  Native Americans believe that your intention creates your experience.  For example, the Anishinabe have terms, that in English have been poorly translated into ‘good medicine’ and ‘bad medicine’ but could more accurately be translated into ‘good intentions’ and ‘bad intentions’.  The Anishinabe believe that if you live your life with ‘good medicine’ you will have a good life.  The Anishinabe also believe that an object can become charged with ‘good medicine’ or ‘bad medicine’ and that intention and visualization have the power to create and manipulate our existing physical reality.  Therefore, Anishinabe believe that while making a dream catcher, you should hold good intentions and visualize the energetic protection necessary to make the dream catcher effective.  This is where the mythology and stories come in handy, as many people find it easier to visualize the web or Veil separating the physical and spiritual and the strand of silk that connects you to the Creator or Source energy.

The dream catcher is intended to act like a filter that catches negative entities and protects you from them while you travel between the physical and spiritual realms during sleep.  When created during ceremony, dream catchers can be very effective at protecting you from negativity while you dream and especially while you astral project.

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