Starseed’s Compass: Identifying Your Starseed Origins

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Have you ever wondered if you are a Starseed but didn’t know for sure??  This Ebook will help you identify your starseed incarnations and validate your intuition.  All you need to do is create a free birth chart using your birth date and look up the alignments in the Ebook.


The Starseed’s Compass: A Guide to Identifying Your Starseed Origin is an ebook that lists the starseed markings or alignments for twelve star systems!


With this ebook you will be able to identify starseed alignments in your birth chart for Andromeda, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Lyra, Draco, the Hyades, the Pleiades and more!


This book will help individuals identify their starseed past lives and learn to work with the karma that inherited from that past life.




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****If you intend on using this Ebook to provide starseed readings to clients (paid or otherwise) – PLEASE provide a link/source reference to The Starseed’s Compass and to the Starseed Hotline (we are not associated but they deserve recognition for the Pleiadian Alignments).  THANK YOU SO MUCH!****

Discover your starseed origins with this Ebook The Starseed’s Compass: Identifying your Starseed Origins.  This Ebook contains the starseed alignments for 12 star systems!  Examine your birth chart for the presence of starseed alignments.  Determine which alignments indicate your starseed origins and which indicate your starseed incarnations.

For some, it is very easy to identify starseed origins because they will have starseed alignments with one star system.  However, many people are surprised to find that they have incarnated in several star systems before incarnating on Earth.  This is especially true for anyone born after 1980.  In this case, identifying your starseed origins from your incarnations can be difficult.

If you are one of these people, you may find that starseed alignments with non-visible planets indicate older incarnations (like starseed origins).  Starseed alignments with the visible planets indicate more recent incarnations.  Starseed alignments with the Ascendant, the Moon and the Sun are likely to indicate very recent incarnations.

Old souls with many starseed alignments in their birth chart may find that more recent incarnations are more influential in their current life.   Old souls may find that they had long released their karma from their origins.  For this reason, karma from recent incarnations is likely to have a heavier impact on your current life.

Interpreting starseed origins is a very personal experience and must be guided by intuition.  Interpreting birth charts is not a cut and dry science so it is important that you use your gut to help guide you through the process.


8 reviews for Starseed’s Compass: Identifying Your Starseed Origins

  1. Justin

    The book is short but it does what it says – lists the astrological alignments that indicate your starseed origins. I was able to confirm my starseed origins with this book.

  2. illumin8stardust (verified owner)

    I can’t access the book. It was not sent to my email or provided as a downloadable link after my purchase. I’m assuming this is because I didn’t create an account first. Disappointed

  3. illumin8stardust (verified owner)

    *Update: Aspen quickly resolved the issue and sent me the ebook. I support the work she is doing and I am happy to have this information.

  4. Oychee (verified owner)

    Having trouble with the with opening the PDF file, says can’t open file. The issue might be on my end. If anyone had any advice that would be nice.

  5. Oychee (verified owner)

    *update* Silly me, it was on my end. Great stuff, thank you for doing this service. Cheers!

  6. jbum (verified owner)

    Loved it! Confirmed my intuitions!

  7. gimli (verified owner)

    Ordered it yesterday…. I cannot stop looking up my friend’s birth charts! Thank you so much for releasing this – I had been searching years for Sirian starseed markings! Thank you!

  8. KezCav (verified owner)

    Received immediately after purchase. Short but backed full of information. Thank you

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