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Starseed Readings

I am currently offering starseed readings using the birth chart to identify starseed origins and incarnations. The following starseed readings are offered through this site:

Mini Birth Chart Starseed Readings for US$22 – this reading will identify dominant starseed alignments in your birth chart.  You will learn about your starseed origins and incarnations in other star systems.  (Length is approximately one page – see product example)

Birth Chart Starseed Readings for US$77– this reading will identify starseed ORIGINS and ALL incarnations in other star systems.  I will also provide insight on past lives and how they are affecting your current life.  The reading will include descriptions of your past lives in various star systems. (Length is approximately 4-7 pages – depending on how many starseed alignments you have)

Extended Birth Chart Starseed Readings for US$111 – This reading is essentially the Birth Chart Starseed Reading ($US77) PLUS the Starseed Karma Integration Reading ($US55.55).  So this reading will include starseed origins, incarnations, information on past lives, how those past lives influence your current life AND how to integrate your karma picked up from those past lives.   (Length is approximately 10 pages)

Starseed Tarot Reading for US$80 (hour) or US$40 (half-hour) – this reading is a tarot reading that focuses on previous lives in other star systems, twin flames, finding life’s purpose and connecting with spirit guides.

Intuitive Consultation for US$80 (hour) or US$40 (half-hour) – This reading is very general in nature and may focus on anything the client wishes to discuss.  I may use tarot, intuition, runes or other methods and divination devices.

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