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Lyran Starseed Traits

Do you feel a connection with the Lyra constellation and feel that you might be a Lyran starseed?

Lyra is a small constellation bordered by Draco, Hercules and Cygnus and contains the bright star Vega.  Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy and have incarnated into several other star systems including Arcturus, Sirius and the Pleiades.  Lyran beings are diverse in appearance but they have some common behavioral traits.  All Lyrans are humanoid and are said to be the root race of all humanoid races in our galaxy.  Some Lyrans have cat like features around the eyes and nose, others have bird-like features and some of them look very similar to humans.  Despite looking human, they are very varied in their skin, hair and eye colour depending on their home planets position from the star and the type of star.  Lyrans played an important role in the creation of humanity and seeded some of the first souls onto Atlantis.  During the creation of humanity, the Lyrans contributed the element of Fire to Earth and gifted humanity with Lyran work ethic.  The Lyrans contributed a lot of knowledge to Atlantis and Lemuria regarding the use of physical energy.

Lyrans have plenty of experience incarnating into other worlds and it shows in the way they live their lives.  When Lyrans incarnate into a three dimensional world, they like to experience that world to the fullest.  They show a certain fearlessness about living, like they’ve done it a million times – which they have, of course!  But do not mistake them for reckless, as Lyrans are known for analysing their surroundings before acting.  Lyrans are excellent at operating in the physical dimensions.  They have mastered the energies of the divine masculine and as a result understand the often overlooked power of good old fashioned, hard physical labour.

Lyran Starseeds tend to have the following traits:

  • drawn to the paranormal and metaphysics
  • they experience the physical world to the fullest – have a love for good food, drink and music
  • they like to push their physical limits
  • they pursue dreams fearlessly
  • they don’t mind hard physical labour but once they get started, they don’t like to stop until the job is done
  • they enjoy people watching and analysing social interactions
  • they are intelligent and tend to know a lot about a wide range of topics
  • they have a “live and let live” attitude – so long as you’re doing no harm
  • Lyran starseeds may have a “freedom fighter” type mentality as many are quick to identify injustices and willing to fight for causes they believe in
  • they are natural leaders because they are very experienced and comfortable living the 3rd dimension
  • they may have many lovers because they enjoy the physical experiences of love but have a hard time staying put
  • their fierce independence may be painful for those close to them, especially parents

Lyran starseeds are the type of people that would sell their home and leave their lives behind to buy a sailboat and sail around the world and the type that were foreign exchange students at 14.  It is important that the parents of Lyran starseeds learn to let go of their children and allow them to be themselves.  If parents hold on to their children to tightly, the Lyran starseed will either fight tooth and nail for their independence or they will put their parents’ needs above their own, essentially strangling their inner selves.  A Lyran that is not allowed to express their independence is very, very unhappy and will begin to exhibit traits that are the EXACT opposite of what is typical for a Lyran starseed.  Either situation can be explosive.

Lyran starseeds also make excellent athletes as they enjoy physical activity and pushing physical limits but they also compete fearlessly.  Lyran starseeds are the type of people that do things that would make the rest of us panic at least a little.  Lyrans have mastered survival in the physical because they are very grounded.  As such, they embody the energy of the root chakra and the colour red.

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Do you have these Sirian Starseed Traits?

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Do you have a nagging feeling that you might be a Sirian  Starseed? Recently Sirian starseeds have been connecting with me almost on a daily basis and it’s no wonder considering the Sirian Lineup is coming up on July 6.  It is on this day that the Earth and the Sun line up with Sirius.  If you’re a Sirian starseed you may be feeling the effects of this upcoming lineup as an urgency to discover the next phase in your spiritual evolution.  No worries though, even if you miss your chance to connect with Sirius in July, Sirian starseeds will get another chance on January 4th.

Sirius is a binary star system found in the Canis major constellation and is the brightest star in the sky.  The colour of the star has been in discussion since ancient times, with ancient people describing the colour as reddish-orange.  Today, the larger star is a white-blue colour.  However, when viewing the star with the naked eye, it is common to see red, blue and white shimmering colours.

Beings from Sirius are younger than beings from Arcturus and Lyra but older than beings from Pleiades and Earth.  Sirius is one of the four races of beings that took a primary role in the seeding of life on Earth.

Sirius is a star system that shows a high degree of variability in the appearance of Sirians.  There are feline-like beings, blue skinned beings, elemental beings and lion beings that have wings.  When I connect with Sirius, it often reminds me of World of Warcraft in the diversity and appearance of the beings.  Sirians tend to be very fantastical and mystical.  They produce many great wizards, shamans, healers, witches and other types of mystics.  The Sirian star system has several inhabitable planets, which explains the diversity in the beings from Sirius.  As elementals, Sirians work with nature and animals , including what some would call mythical creatures like unicorns, winged horses and griffins.

Are you a Sirian Starseed?

Although Sirian  Starseeds are very diverse in appearance, they have some common traits that may include:

  • Enjoy fantasy books, games and movies because these worlds may hold a lot of resemblance to their home star system
  • Enjoy the mystical arts and may resonate with wizards, witches, shamans, priest/priestesses
  • Strong intuition
  • They prefer to maintain a small group of close friends
  • They have a hard time trusting people
  • They may seem quiet or shy but in reality they are analyzing people, searching for truths and lies
  • They have very vibrant imaginations
  • May act as nature guardians
  • Sirian starseeds are often very creative, enjoying music and art

Sirian starseeds tend to work in areas including the arts, music and writing but they also work in areas of mystical healing, witchcraft and energy work.  Sirian starseeds may also work protecting the environment and the rights of animals.  Sirian starseeds can also be very alternative and they enjoy expressing themselves in their appearance and/or in their art.  Sirian starseeds tend to hate stereotypes but they will often be labelled by others as “geek”, “gothic”, “hippie” or some other equally ridiculous label.  Sirians have really embraced tattoos and piercings, as they love art that expresses who they are.

The energy vibration of Sirius is a combination of blue and orange, which is why they like to communicate and express themselves through art.  Likewise Sirius embodies the energies of the Throat and Sacral chakras.

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Orion Starseed Traits

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The Orion constellation is located in Gemini and is home to several different types of beings, all with similar overall characteristics.  Like other races of beings, they have agreed to help Earth in our spiritual evolution by seeding Orions into human bodies on Earth (Orion starseeds) and by acting as spiritual guides to individual people on Earth.

Orion starseeds tend to have the following traits:f19ebe24b167c0e20aa5c8f9b84cd51a

  • a insatiable thirst for knowledge
  • analyize and dissect all forms of information
  • hold opinions very strongly and do not change their opinions easily
  • need quantitative proof to accept opposing viewpoints
  • quite knowledgeable about a wide area of topics
  • react to emotions in a logical manner
  • require alone time to recharge
  • strive for perfection
  • have a good handle on will power and self discipline
  • enjoy competition

While places like the Pleiades and Arcturus operate from a place of unity, Orion operates from a place of duality.  While they are very enlightened beings, their duality allows Orions to operate with a bit of Ego, and enjoy the competition of sports and strive for perfection in a skill.  In contrast, a Pleiadian would likely not want to keep score and accept that wherever you are in the development of a skill, is exactly where you should be.  Orion starseeds understand their duality and they have learned to rather enjoy it.  However, Orions may come off a little self centered or cold as they have a slightly weaker emotional body.  They operate with a bit more divine masculine energy and may forget to consider one’s emotions when delivering a message or a teaching.

Orion Starseed Karma Integration

Orions embody the frequency of energy typically associated with the solar plexus chakra.  The golden yellow colour associated with the solar plexus also seems to radiate from Orion beings.  Orion spirit guides are excellent at teaching people to master their will power to operate at their highest potential.  Self improvement is essentially a competitive sport for Orion starseeds with very well integrated karma.  Orion starseeds with well integrated karma will be able to create physical abundance and consciously manifest their intentions.

Orion starseeds with poorly integrated karma are likely to feel like life is happening to them (as opposed to them being the creators of their life).  Poorly integrated Orion karma is likely to result in difficulties with physical abundance and conscious creation.  They are likely to be pessimistic and unable to accept responsibility.

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