What is a Starseed? Am I a Starseed?

When I explain what it is that I do, the first question I get is – “What is a starseed?” followed by “Am I a Starseed?”

In short, a Starseed is an individual that believes that they have had a previous incarnation (or past life) on a planet in another star system (outside our solar system) before incarnating on Earth.

Starseeds often have souls that originated in other star systems outside our own.  For this reason, many starseeds find it difficult to relate to certain aspects of humanity.  They feel like an alien wearing a human suit.   Some starseeds come to Earth forgetting everything about their past lives and their true nature, while others come to Earth remembering details of their past lives.  Most individuals fall somewhere between those two extremes.

There are countless types of starseeds and you will find descriptions of several types in this website.  New races are being added as information becomes available.